Nonprofit Auction: Seattle Aquarium Splash! Gala and Auction

Nonprofit Story: Seattle Aquarium

Nonprofit Auction: Seattle Aquarium Splash! Gala & Auction

The Seattle Aquarium‘s 2014 Splash! Gala and Auction was one of their most successful events to date. They raised funds to continue inspiring conservation of our marine environment, which is reflected in everything they do—

The Aquarium used our Auctionpay Mobile Card Readers. As a result, they were able to hit their Silent Auction goal as well as almost double their revenue from the previous year’s event. Most successful was the check-out process: the iPads kept them mobile and Greater Giving Go Time allowed guests to see what they won visually, while someone else ran and got the guest’s packages.  This event solely emailed receipts and told their guest they would be mailing out receipts later when they actually ran the cards. One staff member told us it was “night and day” compared to the previous year. As more guests lined up to check-out, the staff simply pulled out more iPads to help check people out; there was never more than 1-3 people in line at a time.

Seattle Aquarium Splash Gala

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