Incight’s Dan Friess on Business Savvy Nonprofits

Dan Friess Incight

Dan Friess is the Executive Director of Incight, a small nonprofit that helps students with disabilities get into college and job seekers get employed. One of the biggest challenges the organization faces is how to help key stakeholders become actively engaged in the work. One important factor in Friess’s success is having a staff member with solid administration/operations skills who can take the vision and implement it on a day-to-day basis, both for him and for key stakeholders.

Friess is a major advocate of business savvy nonprofits. His advice to other nonprofits is to treat the organization like a business and invest in the skill sets; technology, infrastructure and fundraising events that will help the organization grow. While this idea of investment may not be popular with philanthropy, it’s necessary to generate more revenue in order to grow the organization and deliver services to more people.

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