How I Fundraise: Sunny Hills Services on Go Time

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This quick 5 minute How I Fundraise video features Greater Giving Client Sunny Hills Services and their Development Coordinator Elizabeth Mathern, sharing her story of “How I Fundraise” using Go Time and Mobile Bidding. Sunny Hills Services, located in Marin County, CA has been supporting vulnerable youth and their families since 1895. Their fall fundraising event this last year “Ladies Night at the Mart” featured Greater Giving Mobile Bidding for the first time with great success. Elizabeth also shares her Top 5 tips for other fundraisers out there to take their event to the next level.

Sunny Hills Services Mission:

To help vulnerable children, youth and their families use their strengths to develop healthy relationships and fulfilling lives.

About their major fundraising event using Greater Giving Mobile Bidding and Go Time:

Fall Fundraising Event. This past year’s event was “Ladies Night” featuring a fashion show.

Silent Auction items sold on an average of 82% of fair market value, which was a 20% increase over the previous year, by using Greater Giving Mobile Bidding.

Volunteers at registration greatly enjoyed Go Time was fun, easy-to-use, and everyone really enjoyed the dashboard feature to be able to watch the money go up in real time. 

Elizabeth’s Top 5 Tips to Take Your Event to the Next Level:

  1. Get to know Greater Giving well by learning the software well in advance of the event; use their Mobile Bidding Concierge and Client Services.
  2. Offer top supporters the opportunity to be on your volunteer committee. Give the high spenders access to an exclusive volunteer group.
  3. Hire a graphic designer or artist to create high quality graphics, which set the tone for your event.
  4. Cut off item donation at least a week in advance. They are easy to put into Greater Giving’s software but hard to follow-up post-event.
  5. Be sure the mission of your organization is front and center throughout the event. TIP: through videos, photos, enlarges quotes around the event, or having some constituents as guests.

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