Special Appeal Pledge Tracking for Your Back to School Fundraiser

Special Appeal Pledge Tracking for Your Back to School Fundraiser

Unlock the Power of Special Appeal Pledge for Your Back to School Fundraiser

As you gear up for an exciting Back to School season, there’s a powerful fundraising tool you should consider incorporating to take your next event to new heights – the “Special Appeal Pledge.” We’ll define what a Special Appeal Pledge is and why it holds immense value for your fundraiser. Equally important, we’ll also introduce you to Greater Giving and how our platform can help you effortlessly record and track pledges during your events. Plus, don’t miss the chance to download our exclusive “Best Practices for School Auctions Guide,” packed with valuable insights to make your event a smashing success!

What is a Special Appeal Pledge?

A Special Appeal Pledge is a heartfelt and targeted fundraising moment during your event where you make a direct and passionate ask to your donors. However, you may have also heard the Special Appeal pledge called by many other names including “Fund-A-Need”, “Paddle Raise”, or “Cash Call”. In a recent survey by Greater Giving, over 69% of nonprofits include this type of appeal during their fundraising events. This appeal typically focuses on a specific project or cause close to your organization’s heart. It’s an opportunity to tug at the heartstrings of your supporters, inspiring them to contribute generously to a particular initiative. Unlike a regular fundraising activity, the Special Appeal Pledge creates a profound emotional connection, encouraging donors to give from the heart.

Why is a Special Appeal Pledge Valuable for Your Fundraiser?

  • Emotional Impact: By highlighting a specific cause or project, the Special Appeal Pledge resonates deeply with your donors, fostering an emotional connection. When people feel connected to the impact of their giving, they are more likely to open their hearts and wallets.
  • Immediate Tangible Effect: Special Appeal Pledges offer a powerful sense of urgency and immediacy. Donors can witness the immediate impact of their contributions, making them feel like they are part of something transformative.
  • Inclusivity and Participation: A Special Appeal Pledge welcomes participation from all donors, regardless of the size of their contributions. It empowers everyone to contribute to a cause they believe in, fostering a strong sense of community and shared purpose.
  • Increased Fundraising Potential: The emotional and targeted nature of the Special Appeal Pledge often leads to higher giving amounts. Donors are motivated to dig deeper and give generously when they see the specific need they can help address.

Greater Giving: Simplifying Donor Management for Your Back to School Fundraiser

At Greater Giving, we understand the critical role donor management plays in successful fundraising events. Therefore, our user-friendly platform is designed to support your School fundraiser by seamlessly recording and tracking Special Appeal Pledges.

Key Features of Greater Giving:

Real-time Pledge Tracking: Create a Giving Board Display with a thermometer to visually track your pledges and donations as they come in.

Effortless Pledge Recording: Capture all Special Appeal Pledge details swiftly and accurately, ensuring no contribution is missed.

Streamlined Donor Management: Our platform empowers you to manage your donors efficiently. Additionally, guest information captured at check in allows you to easily charge and send receipts or invoices promptly.

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Ready to harness the power of a Special Appeal Pledge for your Back to School fundraiser? We’re here to help you every step of the way. Don’t miss the chance to elevate your fundraising game with our exclusive “Best Practices for School Auctions Guide.” This guide is filled with expert tips and strategies to make your event a resounding success, including a Special Appeal Pledge Tracker that you can print and use at your next event.

Remember, Greater Giving is your dedicated partner in fundraising. Let’s make your School fundraiser a memorable and impactful event.

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