Nonprofit Organization Halloween Opportunities

Halloween… What used to be a cute kid’s holiday has now turned into an extravaganza of costumes, parties and celebrations of all kinds.

Some nonprofits may be looking to harness this energy and build awareness for their cause. Here are 10 reasons nonprofits are hosting Halloween-themed fundraisers.

Certainly you and your staff can dress up in costumes themed around your cause, but what about including your supporters?

Maybe hold a costume contest and ask your supporters to share their photos on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest with your hashtag.

You could award virtual or real prizes for the best themed costume, scariest costume, most original, etc. Not only will your supporters have fun, you’ll get a promotion boost as well.

Below are a few fun ideas to get you started and take a look at this Halloween promotional infographic for ideas to get supporters involved.


Pet Sheltersneil-armstrong-11051_960_720

  • Dress up as your favorite pet
  • Dress up as your pet! (Think a Chia pet or Underdog)


  • Life size Crayon, pencil, paintbrush or other schools supplies as costumes
  • Favorite character from a novel or comic book
  • Career costumes (Think teacher, politician, accountant or in public service)

Children’s Organization

  • Superheroes
  • Sport Team Athlete

Community Organizationspirate-1105787_960_720

  • Cultural Costumes
  • Favorite Movie Characters

Hospitals/Blood Banks

  • Zombies (to highlight the need for blood) <– my favorite


  • Favorite historical figure
  • Favorite literary character

Environmental Organizations346h

  • Favorite wild animal
  • Recycled materials /up-cycled costume

You can post the social media feeds directly on your website to generate interest and excitement. Maybe even host a party for your supporters. Or plan a hayride fundraiser to celebrate your contest winners.

What are your ideas for Halloween? How does your organization get into the spirit of the season and promote your cause? Share your thoughts in the comments below. We’d love to hear from you.

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