Move Beyond a Giving Tuesday Sophomore Slump


Last year’s #GivingTuesday campaign was a great success. So how do you keep that momentum going this year? It’s very easy for a great initial effort to turn into “same-old, same-old.” Here are some ideas for boosting your Giving Tuesday campaign  and increasing your ROI.

Be strategic. Decide if you want to focus your campaign on raising more funds, increasing engagement with your organization, or a combination of both. Plan ahead and create a timeline. Decide who is going to do what and when. Make sure to feature your brand prominently in your campaign so your donors can easily identify you.

Broadcast through social media. Social media is a powerful force for getting the word out. Plan your campaign effectively by mapping out which channels you’ll use. Decide on the best messages for your audience. Then plan when and how much to post to get their attention. Start early and promote your plan well in advance of Giving Tuesday.

Utilize matching gifts. This is a great way to double your money and increase awareness of your cause. Many companies offer matching gift programs, where they match donations made by their employees. Greater Giving provides tools that make it very easy for donors to get their gift matched when donating online.

Stand out from the crowd. The good news is that Giving Tuesday is gaining in popularity. The challenge is how to make your organization visible in a sea of nonprofits all campaigning on the same day. Here are a couple ideas to make your campaign memorable:

  • Be specific. Focus your campaign on one specific, tangible goal: provide 100 meals for the homeless, provide 100 books for children learning to read, rescue 50 dogs, etc. Create some visual way of displaying your progress toward your goal. The traditional “thermometer” works great, or you can get innovative and come up with a novel visual that relates to your project.
  • Be collaborative. In today’s competitive environment, it’s refreshing to see groups working together. Team up with another nonprofit that has complementary goals. Maybe together you can provide food and clothing for a family in need. Be creative. Together you can accomplish more.

As Giving Tuesday gains momentum, more people are finding out about it. With a little ingenuity and some planning, you can join the movement, be visible and generate more support for your cause.

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