Mobile Bidding 101: Everything You Need to Know

Whether you’re gearing up for an upcoming mobile bidding event or considering a switch to mobile at a future event, here’s a few tips to make your mobile auction a successful one.

Open the channels of communication early.

Especially if your organization is new to mobile bidding, start communicating with your attendees about it early. You can even use it as an incentive to get bidders pre-registered! Mobile bidding is a cutting edge, fun-to-use technology, and advertising it in advance is both a great way to encourage registration and to let guests know what to expect when they arrive at your event.

In your pre-event emails to bidders, consider including information about how mobile bidding will work, or a link to a page on your website with the same information. Seattle Aquarium Splash! event registration page is a great example of how to incorporate a mobile bidding FAQ. For more ideas, visit our Pinterest board, featuring mobile bidding registration pages.

Show bidders how to bid well and bid high.

Place signage about Mobile Bidding in front of registration to let bidders know what to expect, and include messaging on how to use the platform throughout your event.

If you have a slideshow or video playing, consider including a slide that reads, “Don’t forget to click ‘MY BIDS’ to find out which packages you’re winning!”

Strategically place your bid assistants.

Refer to Brand Bid Assistants for Mobile Bidding Events, if you’re unfamiliar with Bid Assistants. You’ll want to place the majority of your bid assistants inside the silent auction room, available to field questions and help bidders place bids. Dedicate a number of them to actively approaching and engaging guests who don’t have out their mobile devices and ask to assist them in getting started bidding.

Also consider placing one or two bid buddies between registration and the silent auction room so that bewildered guests can immediately approach someone to get help. Brand your bid assistants! Provide them bright-colored shirts of the same color or some other identifying marker so bidders know who to ask for assistance when they need it.

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