Make It or Break It in This Exciting Auction Game

Make It or Break It Auction Game Revenue Enhancer

Want to bring some pizzazz to your live auction? Look no further than the “Make It or Break It” Auction Game!

Looking for more fun auction ideas to boost your revenue? This interactive game is a fantastic way to give your live auction a little energy boost! Drum up even more enthusiasm—and raise more money!—by offering bidders the chance to play the game and possibly upgrade their auction item to something even more exciting and extravagant.

“Make It or Break It” is just one of the many fun, revenue-boosting auction ideas featured in our book of Proven Revenue Enhancers for Your Fundraiser.

What is “Make It or Break It”?

“Make It or Break It” is a thrilling auction game that can spice up your existing live auction items, all while giving guests the opportunity to win something even bigger. It also puts the spotlight on the other auction items you have available, which can generate even more revenue if you sell the same trip multiple times. Some organizations have seen incredible success with this fun auction idea!

How do guests play it? First, highlight the initial auction item on offer. Guests who want to participate in the game bid on the opportunity to play via auction. Whoever wins this auction can choose to take home the initial item, or they can play “Make It or Break It.”

If the guest plays the game, they go up on stage and pick one of two envelopes. One envelope awards the winner a much more expensive, full-featured “Make It” prize, while the “Break It” envelope awards nothing. (You won’t actually let them walk away with nothing, though!)

How do I use “Make It or Break It”?

Procure two similar auction items and a consolation prize.

The game requires one typical auction item, such as a wine tour or destination trip, then another, more expensive item, such as an all-inclusive wine trip with airfare and hotel stay. You’ll also want a consolation prize that is still fun and desirable for players who “Break It.”

Explain the rules.

First, show guests the item they can take home if they participate. Then, feature the upgraded, more exciting item they can win if they successfully “Make It.” Be sure to let them know that when they bid, they’re bidding on the chance to play!

Once you have a winner, have your auctioneer bring them up on stage to make a decision. They can either take home the original item, or play “Make It or Break It” to possibly upgrade their item—or get nothing if they “Break It”!

Play the game.

Your winning bidder can then choose to take home the original item, or play the game. If they choose to play the game, offer both identical envelopes and ask them to select one. One envelope awards them the “Make It” prize—the upgraded, more expensive auction item—while the other awards them the “Break It” consolation prize.

Sell the remaining items!

Once your bidder has walked away with their prize, you have the chance to auction off the remaining prizes in your live auction.

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Why Should I Use “Make It or Break It” as an Auction Game?

It’s fun! Guests will be invested in whether or not the player Makes It or Breaks It, and it brings a little extra thrill to the auction.

Drive up excitement for other auction items. “Make It or Break It” is a great way to spotlight multiple items in your auction and get people talking about them. Auctioneers have seen great success with selling the upgraded, more expensive item multiple times after showcasing it with the game.

You can play it multiple times! If a bidder “Breaks It,” you always have the chance to auction off the initial item and the upgraded item a second time. It’s a great opportunity to generate more revenue from your auction and provide guests with some additional entertainment.

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