How to Tie A Bow on the Perfect Auction Package

How to Tie a Bow on an auction package or basket

Silent auctions and raffles are some of the most commonly used fundraising revenue enhancers in the nonprofit world. However, many organizations don’t know how to make their packages enticing enough for people to want to bid on them. Your package display is important. Many Auction Committees will assign this task to one or more people to make sure their items are ready for display before your fundraising event. It can be difficult to find someone that has the talent to create a beautiful auction package or raffle basket. To help you out, here are some helpful tips!

Stand out in a Sea of Auction Packages

Put the boring brown paper bag down. You can make your auction basket stand out by adding some creativity and taking time to polish how your items are displayed in your package.

Use color to make your package POP! Use different packaging materials like ribbons, shred, or tissue paper. Place items in different containers (like inside a jar, inside a pool float, or use a crock pot as your basket base). Add stuffing in the base of your basket to make items sit higher and more securely so the package looks full. Finally, create a stunning bow so that your packages look polished, and don’t get lost in the crowd or behind other baskets.

Use Wire Ribbon to Tie a Bow

Wire ribbons are a great way to add color and texture to any package. They can also be an easy way to get creative with your bows, too! Try layering two different types of wire ribbons for an even more unique look or make your bow really BIG. You can find wire ribbons at any craft store — but if you’re on a budget (or need to buy in bulk), try searching online and comparing prices at various retailers so that you can find one that’s right for your budget.

How to Tie A Bow

Materials Needed

Let’s start with what materials you’ll need. Gather fabric scissors, floral wire, or thin ribbon, and the ribbon you’ll be using to make your bow.


1: Measure the tail for your bow based on where you want it to fall on your package

2: Start by making a loop. Pinch the ends of your loop together and give it a half-turn. If you get double-sided ribbon you won’t need to twist it!

3: Continue making loops until you have about 8 or more to create a full bow.

4: Use floral wire or a smaller ribbon to secure your bow by tying a knot where your fingers are pinching the loops.

5: Measure out the length of your other tail and cut to make it equal to your other tail. Polich your tails by trimming any frays.

Add a Description Tag to Your Package

The most important part of a silent auction package is the description. Add all of your information, including your package number, what is included in the basket, and who donated it.

  • Make sure to include your package number on the card so that bidders can easily identify which item they are bidding on! The last thing you want is for someone to accidentally bid on another basket because they didn’t realize it was a different one!
  • Give Your Auction Package a Fun Title. Make sure it’s on theme with what is in the package.
  • In addition to creating a package description with what is in the basket, including any restrictions (e.g., Must be used by December 31, 2023).
  • Acknowledge who donated items or baskets for charity fundraising purposes.

We hope this has given you some inspiration to create a great auction or raffle display. Remember, it’s all about the details! With proper planning and attention to detail, you can create an alluring package that will excite your guests and encourage them to bid higher.

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