How to raise $10,000 with an Opportunity Drawing

How to raise $10,000 with an Opportunity Drawing

If you’re a nonprofit organization looking to raise funds, an opportunity drawing can be an effective and engaging way to do so. An opportunity drawing is a type of revenue enhancing activity in which participants purchase tickets for a chance to win a prize. Here’s how your nonprofit can raise $10,000 with an opportunity drawing.

Choose a Prize for Your Opportunity Drawing

To attract participants and maximize ticket sales, choose prizes that are highly desirable and relevant to your audience. Consider offering a prize that is related to your organization’s mission or cause. For example, if you’re a nonprofit that supports animal rescue, you could offer a vacation package to a destination known for its wildlife. Alternatively, you could offer a high-value item such as a tech gadget, a luxury vacation, a special dining experience, or a gift card.


Set the Ticket Price

Set a ticket price that is reasonable and affordable for your audience while also ensuring you can reach your fundraising goal. A general rule of thumb is to set the ticket price at a level that will allow you to cover the cost of the prize while still leaving room for profit. A suggested ticket price for an opportunity drawing is typically $50 to $100 per ticket. Set your price depending on the value of the prize. If your goal is to raise $10,000 then you can sell 100 tickets for $100. By limiting the number of tickets sold you also create exclusivity which can drive demand from buyers. You can also seek a sponsor to cover the cost of the prize. The sponsor will benefit from promotion of the opportunity drawing by include their company logo.etc.

Promote the Opportunity Drawing

Promote your opportunity drawing using a variety of marketing channels to reach a broad audience. Utilize social media platforms, email marketing, and your organization’s website to announce the drawing, showcase the prize, and explain the details of how to purchase tickets. To optimize SEO, ensure that your marketing copy includes relevant keywords such as “raffle,” “opportunity drawing,” and “nonprofit fundraising.”


Sell Tickets for Your Opportunity Drawing

Sell tickets in-person and online to make it easy for supporters to participate. Host a launch event to kick off the opportunity drawing and sell tickets in person. Leverage social media to sell tickets online by promoting the drawing. Offer an easy way for supporters to purchase tickets through a secure online platform. You will want to check with your local and state laws that govern rules on raffle ticket sales.

Select and Announce the Winner

Choose the winner at a public event or via a live stream to generate excitement and build momentum. Ensure that the selection is conducted fairly and transparently to build trust with your supporters. Announce the winner via social media, email, and on your organization’s website.

An opportunity drawing is a simple and effective way to raise funds for your nonprofit organization. By choosing a desirable prize, setting an affordable ticket price, promoting the drawing through various marketing channels, and selling tickets both online and in-person, you can raise $10,000 or more for your organization. With careful planning and execution, an opportunity drawing can be a powerful tool in your fundraising toolkit.

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