The Five W’s of Event Revenue Enhancers

Have you considered additional revenue opportunities?

At your next fundraising event, you are likely planning on incorporating a silent auction, live auction, and donation appeal. But, Items like raffles, wine pulls, and games can add a lot more than just dollars to your event.

Here is a look at the five W’s – why, who, what, where, and when – of these revenue enhancers. And to learn more about How, make sure to check out Greater Giving’s revenue enhancers lookbook full of examples.


Why should you add another piece on top of everything you are already doing at your event? Here are a few great reasons:

  • The term “revenue enhancer” gives the first good reason why: increased revenue at your event. These games and raffles won’t replace your auction income, but they will add to your bottom line.
  • They also add variety and fun to your event. Use a unique game to help your event stand out from all the rest. Your guests will be entertained and enjoy participating.
  • The lower price point of participation in these games makes them accessible to all your guests. This is great for people who can’t join in the big live auction bidding but still want to support your cause.


Who should help facilitate these games and raffles? Your volunteers, of course. They are there to help so let them be a part of the fun by selling raffle tickets, game entries, and talking up your revenue enhancers.

Choose volunteers who are personable and have tons of energy. They need to be comfortable walking up to people and able to clearly talk about the game and prizes. If you are going to be selling ticket on a mobile device, your volunteers should be comfortable with that technology. Make sure they are trained ahead of time.

Pairing volunteers up is always a great idea. This way one can be in charge of dealing with the money, mobile device, and/or tickets and the other can be the “salesman.”

Make your volunteers stand out by attaching a balloon to them or giving them a costume piece like a feather boa, top hat, or something that coordinates with your event theme.

Speaking of your emcee, he or she should also be involved in the selling of these games. Be sure to include multiple mentions of your raffle or game in the announcements.


What do you need to sell your games and tickets? Depending on your revenue enhancer and your event you could use any one or any combination of three techniques.

1 – Old fashioned paper bid sheets

Have your volunteers write down bidder numbers on a bid sheet. This is low-tech but will get the job done.

2 – Mobile bidding

Using your mobile bidding app is another way to sell these items. Guests can purchase them on their own or through your volunteers. This is great for raffles and golden ticket fundraisers.

3 – Use Storefront on tablets

With Storefront you can list all your revenue enhancers in one place, tap the item’s image, add a bid number, and click done. This is a speedy and simple way to facilitate enhancers like a ring toss or wine pull and can work in combination with mobile bidding for golden ticket raffles.


Where is the optimal set-up location for your revenue enhancers?

If you are using tablets and mobile devices, you can be anywhere. Have your volunteers circulate the room. You can also mobilize your volunteers without using tablets by pairing them up and giving them a clipboard or tray. A fun touch is to find them an old fashioned “cigarette girl tray” that they can wear around their neck and waist.

If your game needs a set location, make sure it will be a well-traveled area. Check-in is a great spot because everyone will see you upon entry. The bar is another perfect location to set up. Everyone heads to the bar at some point (or many points) in the evening!


When should you incorporate these activities into your event?

Most revenue enhancers should be done at the beginning of the event. Sell your raffle tickets, ring toss chances, and wine bottles during cocktail hour and make sure to wrap it up before the live auction. If you are selling centerpieces or any décor, wait until the end so your beautifully themed room doesn’t get taken apart while guests are still enjoying it.

Make sure you structure time in your emcee’s announcements to pitch these revenue enhancers. Talk them up at the beginning of the evening and give updates throughout letting people know if you are almost sold out or if time to participate is almost up. Working these into the schedule ahead of time will ensure that your revenue enhancers get the attention they deserve.
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Now that you know why you should incorporate opportunities for additional revenue into your event as well as who, what, where, and when, don’t miss this revenue enhancers lookbook featuring examples of the most successful revenue enhancers for your event.

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