Guest Post: How Companies Can Encourage Giving with Matching Gifts

Giving Tuesday is right around the corner, and many nonprofits are ramping up their #givingtuesday campaigns.

While many people already know what Giving Tuesday is and have participated in the past, many individuals still do not. Companies can help change that by encouraging employee contributions during Giving Tuesday and by promoting their matching gift programs.

Matching gift programs are one of the many ways that companies can give to charitable causes. After an employee has made a donation, they can double their contribution by submitting paperwork to the company’s HR department. Nonprofits benefit by having some donation go twice as far, and companies are able to demonstrate corporate social responsibility to their employees and the general public.

Here are some reasons you should incorporate matching gifts to encourage employee giving on Giving Tuesday.

Why is employee giving important?

Nonprofit organizations can benefit from employee giving by receiving more generous donations from individuals and their employers, but they aren’t the only ones who benefit from employee giving.

Many employees who regularly contribute to nonprofits and make use of corporate giving programs are more engaged than employees who don’t. Individuals want to work for companies that are invested in something other than profits. Employee giving programs demonstrate a company’s willingness to give back to the local and global community.

Additionally, companies can maintain a positive public image and are able to give back to causes that they know their employees care about. Companies that regularly promote employee giving programs are also more likely to attract and retain valuable employees who want to work for socially responsible corporations.

Employee giving produces positive results for everyone involved!

Why incorporate matching gift programs?

Matching gifts are a great way for employees to give twice as much money without looking into their wallets a second time. They also allow companies to give back to charitable causes that employees feel strongly about.

When a company offers a matching gift program to its employees, it not only shows a level of corporate social responsibility, but it also ensures that employees will view their employers in a positive light.

Matching gifts are a great way for companies to demonstrate to nonprofits and their employees that they care about social, environmental, and other charitable causes just as much as their workers do. They also allow nonprofit organizations to receive twice as many donations without asking donors for money a second time.

How to incorporate matching gift programs on Giving Tuesday

Incorporating matching gift programs on Giving Tuesday can be a great way for corporations to encourage employee giving and educate them about Giving Tuesday in general.

Companies can use social media and their websites to promote matching gift programs to employees. Workers can’t double their donations if they don’t know about the types of programs being offered!

When companies make matching gifts a prominent part of their employee giving culture, employees spend less time wondering what the proper procedures are for submitting paperwork and spend more time actually turning in those requests.

Nonprofits can leverage corporate giving programs in general and matching gift programs specifically by promoting them to donors in the months and weeks leading up to Giving Tuesday. Nonprofit organizations should incorporate #givingtuesday into their social media presence and make sure that their website properly promotes Giving Tuesday to donors. When donors want more information about Giving Tuesday, their preferred nonprofit should have all the facts they need.

Reminding donors that they can have their Giving Tuesday contributions matched by their companies can also be a great way to maximize donations and potentially find new major gift donors. After this year’s Giving Tuesday is in the books, consider performing a prospect  screening. This can help you determine which of your donors works for a company that offers a matching gift program and which contributors have the potential to be major givers.  

For more ways to promote Giving Tuesday, check out these top five tips.


When companies and nonprofits effectively promote matching gift programs to employees and donors, everyone wins. When companies match donations throughout the year and on Giving Tuesday, not only do they demonstrate corporate social responsibility, but they also boost employee engagement and donate to causes that their workers care about.

Nonprofits can also receive Double the Donation’s matching gift tools for free for the two weeks before and the two weeks after Giving Tuesday (November 17, 2015 through December 15, 2015).

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