The Greatest Fundraising Best Practices Straight from the Experts

Thought Leadership Summit

We’ve gathered some cutting-edge fundraising best practices from experts after an impromptu get together in Portland.

Greater Giving Thought Leadership Summit

The discussion yielded an abundance of tips, fundraising challenges, best practices, and visions for the future of nonprofit technology!

Here is a small sneak-peak into what fundraising best practices the group came up with:

  • A comment is an opportunity for supportive activism: someone “likes” a post, comments, shares it with their network via social media, a text, or email, they then call friends or mobilize online and decide to meet, resulting in organized activism. While this process takes a lot of time, the result is a loyal, motivated, and self-organizing millennial.
  • Give guests a wrist bands with their bid number.
  • How-to: Print paper bracelets on color paper and hand-write the bidder number. Or pre-print the bidder numbers on return address labels and stick them on paper bracelets or slap bracelets.
  • Do not close the silent auction after the cocktail hour and absolutely do not close it if there is still a line at registration.
  • For mobile bidding events, Greater Giving’s mobile app displays sponsor logos in rotation each time the page is refreshed. Every time a bidder changes a page in the  app, a different sponsor logo will display at the top of the page. If you have one sponsor, that will be the only logo displayed.
  • Greater Giving’s Leaderboard displays 5-6 sponsor logos at a time in the bottom banner and cycles through batches of 5-6 every few seconds automatically.

To get the full Fundraising Best Practices Summary, click here.

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