Driving Donations with Social Media

Drive Donations on Social Media Networks

People know the world needs help and they wish they had a way to do something about it.

Luckily, you have an answer for them. Make it easy for people to do some good in the world by engaging with them on social media. Connect them to your cause and to like-minded people. Provide them with an immediate opportunity to contribute and make a real difference.

Social media provides many ways to connect with your donors: news feeds, images, stories, videos, and events. The thing to remember is this: what inspires you to share something with your friends? Aside from the purely entertaining, usually it’s a message of hope or inspiration. How can you convey your nonprofit’s particular message of hope so people will want to share it—and click that donate button?

Tweet a News Feed

Twitter works well for on-the-spot news about your event and your successes. Short bursts of news from your CEO will keep people engaged in what you are doing in real time. Include a link to your donation page or use tools such Charitweet  or Goodworld to allow people to donate without leaving Twitter.

Tell a Story on Facebook

Facebook is a great place to share stories about how your organization is making the world better. You can provide space for people to share their own stories and make comments. Share photos and videos. Help people understand the difference they are making in people’s lives when they donate to your cause. Be sure to provide a “Donate Now” button or use the Goodworld tool for Facebook.

Paint a Picture on Pinterest

A picture is worth a thousand words and Pinterest gives you the opportunity to post a multitude. Pin photos of your organization in action. Pin announcements of upcoming events. Pin inspirational quotes that relate to your cause. Just be sure to include the URL for your Donate page in the “Website” field, rather than in the description (you’ll have to edit the pin once it’s posted), otherwise it may be considered spam.

Create a Video Contest on YouTube

Tap into your supporters’ passion for your cause and give them a platform to express themselves. The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge is a perfect example. Find a fun or inspiring challenge and give people a “stage” on which to perform. Create a landing page where participants can upload their videos. This gives you a chance to capture their email address and screen the videos. Then you can post the videos on your YouTube channel with a call-to-action and a link to your Donate page.

Host a Webinar

With platforms such as Google+ Hangouts On Air, you can create a webinar that provides information and inspiration about your cause. You can have one dynamic speaker or invite a panel of movers and shakers in your industry. You can even solicit live questions from the audience. The video is automatically archived on your YouTube channel so you can use it as valuable content on your website or post it to Facebook and other channels. Be sure to include a call-to-action and a link to your Donate page at the end of the webinar.

Making the Most of Social Media

One of the best features of social media is that it’s social. It’s a conversation. As you provide content that educates and inspires, you can also invite interactions and comments from your donors. Thank them for their contributions and show them what an impact they have. Keep the conversation going. When your fundraising campaign is over, share news about how your beneficiaries are making progress.

People are searching for hope and looking for action. If you provide them with a means for both, you’ll gather supporters and increase your donations.

What is your experience with using social media? Do you have any tips to share?

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