Dig Deep Into Your Venue’s Internet

Before any fundraising event using mobile bidding or online event software, it’s important to consider what internet access and wireless connection will be required when booking the venue.

Once you identify your requirements, reach out to your venue to start negotiations as soon as possible. Meet with representatives from the venue, both the salesperson and a technical staff member who will explain how the venue will meet your needs. When discussing the cost (or bundling) of WIFI, ask if the hotel offers “tiered” speeds or only one speed. When it comes to something this important, you don’t want to be surprised with dial-up speeds from the 90’s!

Be sure to ask if the venue has enough bandwidth to handle the number of guests you will have using their smartphones. Websites like www.speedtest.net and app SpeedSmart will tell you how fast the connection is. So head over to your venue and test it using one of those tools. Consider testing your home or office connection speed before conducting a hotel site inspection and see how it compares.

To determine whether a location will meet your organization’s requirements, bring a list of all the uses for WIFI you may need, and know how you might pay for it: can your organization foot the bill; will this raise the event fees; or can you find a company to sponsor the WIFI?

Is it necessary to have a wired internet connection at the event?

While it is best practice to have the security and reliability of a wired connection, WIFI internet connections can be used. As a backup, we recommend having devices on hand to create ‘Hot Spots’ in case there is a disruption in the internet connection at your venue.

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