10x Envelope Fundraiser – An Exciting Fundraiser Game for Your Next Event

Tired of simple raffles?

Are you looking for a more interesting way to collect the names and contact information from your guests?

Then a 10x Envelope Fundraiser might be the right game to choose for your next fundraising event!


What Is a 10X Envelope Fundraiser?

Guests are handed a 10x Envelope Fundraiser at the beginning of your event when they arrive. Your registration team asks them to place money inside – anywhere between $1 and $20. Then, they write their names on the envelopes and place them in a raffle box. At the end of the night, before guests leave (a good time is after your speaker finishes), have a special guest pick an envelope out of the box. The winner gets ten times the amount of his or her donation in cash, and the rest of the gifts go toward your cause.

All you need is a coordinator, envelopes, a box for collecting envelopes, a good pen, and $200 in cash ready to give away if necessary! Make it even fancier with a sign or banner in front of the box or table where the box is located.

Which Events Work Best for a 10X Envelope Fundraiser?

You can pull this game off at nearly any fundraising or program event. Here are some suggestions:

  • The more guests the better! Try this fundraiser at your next event that is sure to draw a good amount of people – a marathon, a comedy show, or a golf tournament, for examples. You want to aim for at least 200 participants to make sure you profit.
  • This game is perfect if you are attending a trade show or conference – you just need to ask the donor to slip in a business card along with his donation or “play money.” If you are trying this variation, set a time and date to make the drawing to create buzz around your table. Also have cards and pens available for guests to fill out their contact information if they do not have a business card handy.
  • An open house. If you are planning a public event to show off your new museum, exhibition, or front lawn statue, this is a great way to create buzz, collect contact information, and raise a bit of money.

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What Are Some Other Similar Games to 10X Envelopes?

  • Raise the stakes. If you want to try this game at a more elite party, like a cocktail party, instead of asking for a small donation, ask for a pledge for a larger gift, between $25 and $250. Instead of 10X being the prize, make it only 4X, with the ultimate prize being $1,000. Follow-up with the donors later when they are leaving and mail or email a pledge reminder for their gift the day after the event.
  • Use the internet to your advantage and set up an online giving station. People might not have cash on hand, but they are willing to donate with their plastic! Record the amount donated and stuff it in their envelope instead of a bill. This way you get their contact information in your system too.
  • Set three giving levels – play at $5, $10, or $25. Place three boxes instead of just one. Each box has a prize (instead of cash) associated with it that is worth at least 10X the value of the play price. For $5, they have a chance to win a prize worth $50 (a gift card for Amazon, a piece of jewelry, or maybe a flower arrangement voucher). The $25 box has a covetable prize like an electronic device. This way you can seek donations for the prizes and bring in even more revenue for your cause!

Any way you go about it, a 10X (or 4X) envelope fundraiser is a great way to add excitement, raise a bit more funding, and collect names or register guests at your next fundraising or program event.

Courtney’s Advice

Note: Many states have specific rules that govern auction games. Make sure to check your state’s raffle licensing laws as well as your organization’s bylaws. Also, check on alcohol sales rules and permits, as well as firearms, if those will be available at your event or in the auction.
  • This event works best when run at a check in with a smaller group that is auction savvy. This keeps things moving quickly.
  • You may want to set up a “station” in the silent auction and encourage guests to participate.
  • Sometimes an incentive to participate is very successful — such as a blinky ring or pin for participating.

Some Personal Insight from Courtney

We had a client who added this revenue stream to their event this past year for the first time.

Many of their guests had never played it; the excitement and change generated lots of participation. Nearly 90% of the guests participated, including spouses who played individually. Not only did they participate, but many gave over the $20 maximum, resulting in an income of over $2,000! Then the winning envelope had only $12 dollars, and the generous attendee donated all of the $120 ($12×10) back to the organization!

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