Rinse & Refresh, Don’t Rinse & Repeat

Annual events can get stagnant, boring, ho-hum. Keep your event fresh and captivating, and guests will come back year after year. This webinar will give you tips and ideas to keep events interesting and updated with new graphics, visuals, and entertainment.

In this webinar, we will cover:

  • Ideas for updating your graphics and branding to keep it looking fresh
  • Creating fun, interactive experiences that change from year to year
  • Keeping your step and repeat visually interesting so pictures look fresh and you get lots of engagement on social media
  • Adding entertainment and elements for guest engagement
  • Updating your music
  • Changing your food and beverage offerings
  • Adapting revenue-generating programs like raffles, sponsorships, and auction opportunities
  • Refreshing your VIP guest experience

Presented by:

Heather Frank, Director of Project Management & Events, Studio 4Forty

Sarah Obialero, Creative Director, Studio 4Forty