Raise Six Figures with The Fearless and Joyful ASK

SPECIAL GUEST: Dee Dee Kiesow, Award-winning Fundraiser and founder of The Six Figure ASK Formula

Are you tired of asking the same people for money? Are you sometimes hesitant, nervous, or afraid to be the asker? Do you just not know when and what to ask for? Join Dee Dee Kiesow and discover your power within to change your world by unleashing the ASKER within. Maximize your Minutes with a new amazing YOU.

In this action-packed session, you’ll learn:
• Simple no-cost things you can do instantly to double or triple your fundraising efforts
• Six proven steps to the ASK
• The secret to inspiring someone to give now…without asking for money.
• And most important, how to inspire joyful givers to bring awareness and wealth to what you care about.

It is a disservice to let interested donors walk away without the opportunity to partner with you to serve humankind in a way to bring joy to all parties.

Your Presenter:

Dee Dee Kiesow of Six Figure Fundraising