Leveraging Technology, Consulting & Entertainment for your Golf Tournament

Over the past 19 years, Great Golf Events has assisted their charity clients in achieving their financial goals. Collaborating with each of their clients, they leverage the latest technologies, entertainment, and protocols that best fit each unique event – the ultimate goal being to maximize profits and enhance both the player and sponsor experience.

On this webinar, find out how your tournament can:

  • Build a strategic plan to raise more
  • Streamline golfer arrival
  • Bundle tournament add-ons
  • Add-in top tournament revenue generators
  • And much more

Your Presenter: Roger Caldwell, Owner & Founder, Great Golf Events

Having conducted over 900 golf events with both national and international organizations, Roger Caldwell is the ultimate golf pro and trick-shot entertainer. His company, Great Golf Events was founded in 1998. Their core services provide a single-vendor resource to facilitate all the marketing, administration and logistical tasks associated with a golf tournament. Great Golf Events has been associated with generating over $5 Million of additional profits for their clients. Roger is a certified gold event consultant, a graduate of Grand Canyon University, and proud father of two.