Donors vs. Dollars, How to Win in the Long Run with Alpenglow Benefits

Donor-centric fundraising is not a new concept, but it is not the norm in today’s fundraising world. This webinar will cover the background and where the idea evolved from. How it has been successful for some organizations. How a few changes can make a definitive difference in your NPO’s relationship with its donors and help lower costs. Most importantly it can help shift the outlook of your shop to be less about chasing dollars and more about creating relationships that will over time benefit both the NPO and the individual donors.

In this webinar, Ailie covers:

· The high-level ideas of the concept
· How you can incorporate donor-centric fundraising into your existing shop in small ways
· How to cultivate your relationship with your donors for long term mutual success

Your Presenter:

Ailie F. Byers, President, Alpenglow Benefits
NAA Director

Ailie Byers is President of Alpenglow Benefits. She is a second-generation auctioneer with a master’s degree in Public Administration/Policy from the University of Georgia. The fundraising and benefit auction company of Alpenglow works with clients to tailor fit a solution to their fundraising needs, all over the country and for various sized NPO’s.

Ailie is an elected member of the National Auctioneers Association (NAA) Board of Directors. She is also an active member of several local non-profit boards. She has worked in the industry full time since 2012.

Ailie prides herself on staying educated on relevant topics she needs for work and life and feels this helps her in her successes.

Ailie is a fervent outdoor enthusiast. Growing up she spent most summers sailing and skiing in the winter, forming her love of outdoors. Living in North Conway for the past seven years, nowadays she bikes, rock & ice climbs, hikes runs, dives, and alpine, backcountry, and Nordic skis. If she has free time, she is probably outside with her two dogs!

Fun Fact, Ailie has flown over 180,449 miles since starting her work as an auctioneer.