Selective Drawing Gives Guest Choices

Selective Raffle - Fundraising Auction Revenue Enhancer

Provide an array of prizes and put them on display. Like a random drawing, guests receive tickets. Each prize has an entry box next to it where guests can deposit their tickets to potentially win the package.

How Does it Work?

Similar to a silent auction, create bundled packages your guests really want and will compete against each other to win.

Provide plenty of tables and arrange them to maximize traffic flow. Decorate the tables to highlight your packages — make them festive and tie them into the theme of your event. Provide a table tent or description sheet listing the contents of each package and place the entry box prominently next to the item.

Determine your ticket sales strategy — more tickets per dollar may provide the guests with perceived value and the added excitement of being able to spread their interests over many package options. Or, fewer tickets per dollar can increase the sense of providing the guests with a better chance of winning. Either way, sell your tickets in two or three quantity bundles and consider a better value per ticket, the more the guest buys. If you have an event professional, ask for their advice.

You can use paper raffle tickets; they are small, inexpensive, and have pre-printed numbers that distinguish which tear-off ticket goes in the ticket box and which the guest should keep. This makes it easy to manage and identify the winner. While adding some expense, you can alternatively order custom-printed tickets to match the theme of your event.
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Each participant can buy as many tickets as he wants and there’s no limit to how many tickets can be placed in a single bucket.

You want to allow your guests plenty of time to place their tickets. The selective raffle can generally run about two hours. You could also hold back some really special items for the end of the event. Then your guests can buy extra tickets for these last-minute drawings. Once all the tickets have been placed, the emcee selects a single ticket from each item’s bucket and announces the winner.

Variations And Other Names

This is also known as a penny social or pick-a-prize. With the fun and novelty of a penny social, you can perk up enthusiasm for your fundraiser and provide an affordable way for everyone to join in the fun. The more tickets they buy, the more chances they have of winning.

Paula’s Advice

Note: Many states have specific rules that govern auction games. Make sure to check your state’s raffle licensing laws as well as your organization’s bylaws. Also, check on alcohol sales rules and permits, as well as firearms, if those will be available at your event or in the auction.
  • The biggest challenge with this raffle format is that guests have to navigate to the ticket boxes of each package to select which items they want a chance at winning. Be sure to make this area easy to see and accessible with great signage and a location that is prominent and easy to get to.
  • To avoid any ticket manipulation, make sure your ticket box has a lid with a slit allowing a one-way path for the tickets to be placed in, but no fingers to pull them out.
  • By grouping items into categories, you’ll make it easier for your guests to find the prizes that interest them the most.
  • Remember that using bidder numbers to purchase tickets will simplify the purchase process and increase the number of tickets purchased.

Some Personal Insight from Paula

I have seen great success with raffles that allow guests to select which raffle drawing to enter by choosing the packages they want. Recently, a client completely did away with their silent auction and instead concentrated their efforts on securing and bundling 10 high-value raffle items. Using the Selective Raffle format, guests had better chances on the items they desired most. They raised over $18,000 with this raffle alone!

The best-selling raffle packages are when you have individual tickets, a small bundle, an arm’s length (or similar high-value bundle). Most guests will buy the arm’s length because of the great value. For example, if one ticket is $20, bundle 3 tickets for $50 and an arm’s length for $100 and see your revenue skyrocket.

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