Secure Amazing Auction Items for School Fundraisers

Secure Amazing Auction Items for School Fundraisers

How to Secure Amazing Auction Items for School Fundraisers

As school event planning committee members, you know that the success of your school fundraiser relies heavily on securing enticing auction items. To make your fundraiser truly remarkable, it’s essential to employ effective procurement strategies. In this blog post, we will guide you through the process of securing incredible auction items for school fundraiser. From creating a request letter with a due date for items to utilizing Buy-In Parties and consignment auction items, we’ve got you covered! Let’s dive in to planning and optimizing your auction items for School Fundraisers!

Craft a Compelling Request Letter for Auction Items for School Fundraisers with a Due DateBest Practices for School Auctions

To kickstart your procurement efforts, prepare a well-crafted request letter addressed to potential donors in your community. Here’s how to make it compelling:

Explain Your Cause

Clearly state the purpose of your fundraiser and how it benefits the school and its students. Let potential donors know that their contributions will make a significant impact.

Personalize and Be Specific

Explicitly tailor your request letter to each donor, mentioning any past contributions or connections to the school. Be specific about the type of auction items for your school fundraiser you’re seeking.

Set a Due Date

Include a specific deadline in your request letter to create a sense of urgency. This encourages donors to respond promptly and ensures you have enough time to organize the items.

Creating an “Ask List” with Committee Members

Collaborate with your school event planning committee members to create a comprehensive “Ask List” of potential donors. Make sure you include alumni that may own businesses or have access to exciting items. Here’s how to do it effectively:

Brainstorm as a Team

Conduct a brainstorming session with committee members to identify potential donors and their areas of expertise. Subsequently, divide the list based on each member’s connections and strengths.

Assign Personalized Asks

Then distribute the “Ask List” among committee members, assigning them specific individuals or businesses to approach for donations. Generally, personalized asks tend to be more successful.

Follow Up with Requests Diligently

Following up on donation requests is crucial to maximize your success in securing auction items for school fundraiser. Use these tips to stay on top of your follow-ups:

Be Polite and Grateful

Whether it’s a donation or a decline, always express gratitude for their consideration. Politeness goes a long way in building positive relationships with potential donors.

Send Reminders

If a donor hasn’t responded to your initial request, send a friendly reminder closer to the due date. They may have been busy or overlooked the initial communication.

Leverage Other Auction Item Options

Buy-In Parties

Unlike most auction items where there is only one “winner”, buy-in parties allow anyone that signs up or “buys-in” to secure a spot. These “Buy-In Parties” are usually exclusive events or experiences that attendees can “buy-in” to attend that are hosted by a person, business, or group. Subsequently, these unique opportunities create a buzz and encourage engagement. Typically these events are dinners, activities, or other exclusive events with limited spaces available.

Include Consignment Auction Items for School Fundraisers

Consignment auction items offer a risk-free approach to diversify your auction catalog. Certainly, make sure you collaborate with reputable consignment providers to offer a wide range of attractive items, from artwork to luxury experiences. With consignment items, you only pay for what is sold, reducing upfront costs and financial risk.

You can secure amazing auction items for school fundraisers.

By implementing these procurement strategies, you can secure amazing auction items for school fundraisers. Craft compelling request letters, collaborate with your committee members, and diligently follow up with potential donors. Furthermore, embrace innovative approaches like Buy-In Parties and consignment packages to engage your community and achieve fundraising success. Lastly, leverage consignment auction items to enhance your auction catalog without financial risk. With a well-curated array of items, your back-to-school fundraiser is sure to be a hit, supporting your school’s mission and benefiting its students.

Ready to secure unforgettable auction items for your school fundraiser? Share your success stories and tips in the comments below!


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