Jewelry Box Fundraiser

Everybody loves jewelry, or has someone in their life that does!

Jewelry Boxes are a quick and easy fundraiser raffle with a twist.  It is generally easy to organize at your event too, if you can line up a good sponsor beforehand.  Hence they are great additions to more upscale events like galas and cocktail parties with special donors.

What Is a Jewelry Box Fundraiser?

Ask a local jewelry store to donate a valuable ring or necklace and earring set. At a highly visible location, like your registration table, put the jewelry on display and surround it with wrapped jewelry boxes. One of the boxes will be stuffed with a winner’s ticket. Guests purchase a box and display it on their dinner table (or carry it around the event in their pocket) until later in the night, when they are asked to open their boxes to reveal the winner.

In this example with Tiffany jewelry, participants pull a wrapped gift box for $30 for a chance to win a valuable set from the famed jeweler.

What Resources Do You Need to Put Together a Jewelry Box Fundraiser?

The most difficult part is to get a jewelry donation to raffle. Months ahead of time if you can, ask a volunteer or assign a staff person to go around to local jewelers or department stores and speak with managers. She can bring a signed letter from the Executive Director stating how the raffle will help a local charity to help. You only need one good donation! But if you can get more than one donation, it can justify raising your jewelry box purchase price and make the game more exciting with more prizes.

Ask those same stores or your one sponsor store for a donation of jewelry boxes as well, and stuff all of them with winner or loser tickets. Keep it fun by putting a positive message about your program in the loser boxes. You might be able to convince the store to give you coupons to stuff as a marketing strategy so they have a bit of value in and of themselves!

Then all you need to do is wrap the boxes and display them around the prizes at your main registration table.

How to Run the Jewelry Box Fundraiser During Your Event

wedding gift

Any volunteer or staff person can be the point man or woman in charge. You can display the boxes on a designated table at the entrance to your event, and also put a few on each dinner table if you have a meal planned. When people purchase the boxes, ask them to wait until a set hour to open the box to generate more intrigue.

The point person will collect the participation price at a designated game table, and she can go around and inquire at tables as well for people interested in playing if boxes are set on tables. If participants do not want to pay in cash, you might give an option to make a credit card donation on their smart phone.

If boxes are left over before the opening hour, you can auction them to the highest bidder in a set or sets.

Then have your MC ask people to open up their boxes and reveal the winner or winners!

Variations on the Jewelry Box Fundraiser

Not crazy about jewelry? You can switch out jewelry for any number of prizes. A vacation, a car, an expensive dinner, a prize case of wine, or a popular and expensive electronic device are just a few examples. Just make sure that the prize is manageable and attractive to your audience.

You can also switch up the format of the fundraiser in a number of ways. One idea is to stuff every box with some sort of jewelry of varying worth – even plastic kids rings or mood rings! Everyone will be a winner that way and at least get a good laugh out of their purchase.

If you are worried that your audience will open up the boxes ahead of time, consider putting numbers in the boxes instead of winner and loser notes.  Then ask a board member or special donor to pull a number from a hat at the end of the event. The box that matches the number wins the prize.

Remember to start early, and dedicate a person to find a sponsor who will donate that coveted item everyone will want.

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