Is now the time for Corporate Outreach?

Fundraising Team back in the office

As more companies and their employees return to the office, now is the time for nonprofits to engage in corporate outreach.

Begin your corporate outreach to previous partners and prospects now. By reaching out early you can ensure that your contacts are up-to-date, and your nonprofit is at the top of mind for corporate events.

This spring, the list of companies calling workers back to the office is growing. As a result, business leaders are looking for opportunities to reconnect with employees and the company culture. Corporate giving—and volunteer events—are a great way for companies to positively engage employees!

Why is developing this relationship so important?

Though businesses often sponsor the causes they value as an organization—and give generously—an equally important relationship exists between nonprofits and individual employees.

Many companies encourage their employees to participate in nonprofit work by matching gifts, or organizing corporate volunteer events. Businesses are often looking for ways for their employees to give back to their communities. Make sure your nonprofit is on their list by including them in your communications, and offering these engagement opportunities.

What does corporate outreach look like?

If your nonprofit already has an existing relationship with a company, then you’re halfway there! Even if your nonprofit has never worked with a particular company before, it never hurts to ask. 

Do a quick scan of their website—most companies have publicly posted values—to see if their company culture might align with your nonprofit’s mission. If you find a good fit, identify a contact on the website, through LinkedIn, or reach out to office management. Chances are they’ll at least be able to put you in touch with the right person!

Reaching out can feel intimidating, but most people who plan employee giving opportunities wear many hats and appreciate your ideas.

Once you’ve identified the decision-maker for corporate giving (or if you already have a contact person) start by making a personal phone call. Ask your contact about their needs and plans for 2022, and their goals for employee engagement. What is their volunteer strategy for the coming months? Some companies may still have restrictions on in-person gatherings. Be sure to determine if your decision-maker is looking for specific kinds of opportunities.

Once you understand what your partner is after, let them know about current projects and programs that might capture their interest. Be sure to include volunteer opportunities for large groups that could be done virtually or in-person.

TIP: Don’t forget to ask about employee volunteer and donation matching to double the impact of every contribution.

Corporate relationships are long-term investments!

An event may not happen right now, but starting the conversation early will ensure those in charge think of your nonprofit first when the time comes. Many individuals who volunteer can be inspired to continue giving back, through ongoing volunteering, donations, or both!

Planning volunteer opportunities can offer your corporate contacts meaningful ways to engage employees and get involved in your cause.


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