Instagram’s new Business Account Features: 3 Smart Applications for Non-Profits


If your life includes smartphones, nonprofits, and a healthy dose of marketing, it’s likely that you’re familiar with Instagram.

Instagram is one of the more popular social media applications offering an avenue of expression to your audience engaging with the digital universe through images—YOUR images.

It is also very likely that you, or someone involved with your nonprofit, has been an active user of this amazing app for quite some time since telling stories through compelling photos has gained so much attention lately.

If you’re one of the few who have not ventured down the Instagram rabbit hole, here is a great introductory Instagram article with an emphasis on tips for nonprofits new to this social media network. If you’re still not convinced, take a look at Mashable’s article highlighting some of the most inspiring nonprofits using Instagram.

Let’s take a step back now, or rather, forward. Hopefully, you’ve been using social media to post photographs, share what your nonprofit is passionate about, how your volunteers and staff turn the vision into a reality, and most importantly, the impact the work has in the greater community. All good, right?

Almost. I know what you’re thinking. You’d love to reach more people, gain greater numbers of followers, and inspire them with the images that tug at all the right chords. In order to do this, you need more tools.

In fact, you could use some of those same features you have access to in Facebook, such as ads to reach more people, or insights about your current audience, and importantly, a way for those interested to contact you. You’re in luck. Facebook just so happened to acquire Instagram recently, and guess what? Most of the same Facebook tools are now available through Instagram’s new Business Account features.

Let’s break it all down by discussing the benefits to you.


You have an audience. Now, with access to insight through analytics about who they are and what they like, you have greater potential in giving your audience what they want more consistently, or at least tailoring your message to connect better. For example, you’ll gain more understanding of what people are interested in by posts that have a greater number of likes or comments. You may also, over time, learn when your posts reach more of your audience. The insights feature can help you make an impact in a shorter period of time.


Greater Giving - Giving Tuesday InstagramInstagram is all about the images. That’s nice. But you’d like a way for those unfamiliar with your brand name to know specifically what you’re about. With the new Business Profile feature, you’re in luck. Give people not only a brief summary of how you’re impacting the world, but also the pertinent details of how to contact you. Perfect.

Of course, as stated earlier, the analytics help you gain enough insight to know how to educate your audience about your organization. What stories will most resonate with your crowd? Is it the images of volunteers actively working in the community, or the photos of your innovative technology that positively impacts social inequities or our natural world? The analytics will point you in a good direction.


Finally a way to grow your audience without relying heavily on your audience base—Instagram ads. Similar to Facebook, you have the option to boost posts that are experiencing a healthy amount of likes and comments. And, just like the social media cousin, you turn the demographic dials to reach a particular audience, over a specified time, within a set budget. If you’re unfamiliar with or have never used this feature in other social media platforms, no problem. Based on current audience data, Instagram will offer advice on dial-setting.

If you haven’t already updated your current Instagram account to the Business level, do so now. Take full advantage of the features available to you. If you’re needing help with the ins and outs of how to make the change, or better understand how to access the new features, visit Instagram’s help center. For inspiration and insight from the Instagram for Business trailblazers, visit the main Instagram for Business site here.

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