How to Host Engaging Golf Fundraising Events

Engaging Golf Events

Golf fundraising events are great for golf enthusiasts, but this great auction idea offers something for everyone at your event.

Putter or Purse is a great little revenue booster for any golf fundraising event—it’s easy to add to your existing plans, and the two very different prize options means there’s something to get excited about for everyone. And that’s double the chance to sell a raffle ticket! Encourage some friendly competition among friends and spouses who want to walk away with different prizes.


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How to Play Putter or Purse

To set up the game, you’ll need access to a hole on the green, putters for participants to use, raffle tickets to sell, and the ability to accept one-time payments for each ticket sold.

Attendees simply buy a Putter-or-Purse ticket to be entered into the prize pool (and they can buy more than one to receive multiple entries!). With each raffle ticket purchase, participants also get to putt one ball on the green—and if they’re able to sink a hole-in-one, they get a second raffle ticket for free!

When the winner is drawn at the end of the night, the lucky guest gets to choose from one of two prizes: A putter, or a designer purse! It’s the perfect auction idea to add onto any golf fundraising event, and offers an exciting prize even for guests who wouldn’t be so thrilled about winning a golf club.

Pretty simple, right? But the details of this fundraising idea are all in the timing, the hype, the prizes, and the pricing.

Punch Up the Enthusiasm and Fun at Your Golf Fundraiser Event!

The success of your Putter-and-Purse raffle depends on how you advertise and hype this fun auction game. Make it stand out in the crowd! Hang up decorations, station volunteers to call people over, and clearly announce with signage where to find it. Don’t forget to announce the game to everyone! Ask your auctioneer or emcee to spread the word about this fun, golf-adjacent game, making sure to show off the high-end prizes!

Fostering a little competition among friends and family can help boost the raffle’s profile. Who can land the hole-in-one? Encourage guests to play multiple times! The more fun your players are having, the more that other attendees will be drawn over to check it out and play.

And of course, it’s important to choose the right putter and the right purse to get guests excited to participate. Pick out a designer purse from a brand like Gucci, Coach, etc. Show it off to the crowd, and to guests playing the game.

What about that leftover prize? Whichever of the two prizes is leftover after the winner makes their choice can be sold as an additional auction item. If you close out the game and announce the winner just before the live portion of the program, you can create another great opportunity to build up tension and thrill for your live auction.


The experts suggest selling each ticket for $25 to $50 to hit the sweet spot. Find a price where your nonprofit still makes money after budgeting for prizes!

Strategies for Raising More Money

1. Find a sponsor for the putting tee with an additional donation, and advertise them around your booth.

2. Provide some variety! Sell different types of putts, from short-range to long-range. Offer greater rewards for more difficult putts to get the serious enthusiasts to participate along with more casual players.

3. Time the winner announcement to bring everyone together for the live auction.

4. Keep the energy high! Put your most enthusiastic volunteers in charge of the booth, and engage even those guests who are waiting in line to play.

5. This fun auction game isn’t limited to golf fundraising events! It’s a great addition to any outdoor or sports-related fundraiser. And it can even be moved indoors with a temporary tee for any fundraiser or black-tie gala.

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Thank you to David and Ann Whitaker of Champion Fundraiser for this incredibly fun auction idea!

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