Harnessing the Power of Video Storytelling

Harnessing the Power of Video Storytelling

How Project Access Northwest’s used Video Storytelling to Create Impactful Communication with Supporters

In the world of nonprofits, effective communication with supporters is crucial for success. Organizations need to express gratitude, share accomplishments, and generate excitement for upcoming initiatives. Project Access Northwest, a non-profit 501(c)3 dedicated to enhancing access to specialty health care for low-income and uninsured patients, found a powerful solution to engage their audience: Video Storytelling.

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Engaging Event Supporters Through Storytelling

Founded in 2006, Project Access Northwest has been diligently working towards their mission of connecting volunteer specialty care providers and hospital partners with deserving patients in need of medical assistance. Originally serving King County in Washington state, they have since expanded their reach to include Kitsap and Snohomish counties. Additionally, they provide dental care to qualifying Northwest Kidney Center patients in King County.

In their pursuit of effective communication strategies, Project Access Northwest has been a loyal client of Greater Giving for several years. Leveraging the services offered by Greater Giving, they have successfully sold event tickets through their website, organized galas using the online event platform, and conducted virtual as well as in-person events with the assistance of the online bidding feature.

Recognizing the importance of visual storytelling using Video Storytelling

Towards the end of 2022, Project Access Northwest sought to convey their gratitude to their supporters while also providing updates on their accomplishments and future plans. Recognizing the importance of visual storytelling, they decided to collaborate with PNTA, a mutual partner of Greater Giving, for video production. PNTA had previously worked with Project Access Northwest as their streaming partner during the pandemic’s virtual events.

Collaborating with PNTA: A Successful Partnership for Project Access Northwest

The resulting video communication message to their supporters featured the Executive Director highlighting the patients served in 2022, notable statistics such as a reduced no-show rate, and an exciting announcement about a forthcoming pro-bono behavioral health program scheduled for June 2023. The video aimed to express gratitude without an additional call-to-action, ensuring a higher open rate and greater engagement from their audience.

Collaborating closely with the PNTA team, Project Access Northwest also created a shorter video tailored for their leadership circle. This video included a compelling call-to-action and a 15-second teaser to entice people to attend their major gala, scheduled for later in 2023.

PNTA: Crafting Unforgettable Experiences for Nonprofits

The success of this video marketing communication strategy can be attributed to the partnership between Project Access Northwest and PNTA, as well as PNTA’s innovative Next Day Video program. By utilizing Next Day Video Technology, the organization was able to record and edit their content within a remarkably short timeframe of one to two days. The entire process, including filming and assembly edits, took place in a single room, resulting in a professional-looking story that saved both time and money.

PNTA, a trusted provider of event experiences in the Pacific Northwest since 1975, firmly believes that every event or production should captivate guests’ hearts and imaginations. Their dedicated team brings expertise and passion to every project, ensuring that clients’ unique visions are transformed into awe-inspiring realities. Their commitment to exceeding expectations aligns perfectly with Project Access Northwest’s goal of effective supporter engagement through video communication.

Michael Welke, the Director of Donor Experience, credits his partnership with PNTA and their creative Next Day Video program for helping them get this important message out quickly,at a reasonable price, and being a key stewardship touchpoint to their supporters.

Unlocking the Potential of Video Storytelling: Enhancing Nonprofit Communication

Project Access Northwest’s experience with video communication serves as a testament to the power of this medium in engaging audiences and sharing a mission. By leveraging the visual and emotional impact of videos, nonprofits can connect with their supporters on a deeper level, fostering stronger relationships and garnering greater support.

So, if you’re a nonprofit seeking effective ways to communicate with your audience and share your mission, consider the potential of video. With the right partners and creative strategies, you can unlock the full potential of this medium and create a lasting impact that resonates with your supporters.

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