How to Create an Irresistible Donation Page for Intermediates

Intermediate’s Guide to Creating an Irresistible Donation Page

Now that you have experienced the benefits of online registration and donations, we have a few suggestions for streamlining your processes and increase your revenue even more.

  1. Online registration goal—Set a goal to register a percentage of your invitees online. You can determine your target number of online registrations based on the event size, donor habits and how well you communicate your message.
  2. Sponsor links—On your website, add links to your sponsors’ websites to drive sponsor revenue opportunities.
  3. End-of-year campaign—November and December are the biggest months of the year for online charitable giving. About 40% of online giving is done in December, due to the holidays and anticipated end-of-tax-year benefits. Leverage this trend with an end-of-year promotion sent in early November and repeated in early December to all your contacts, not just your current donor list. In addition to the tax advantages of a timely donation to your cause, remind donors of the benefits of donating online:
    • They won’t need to worry about remembering to get their check in the mail before the end of the year.
    • They’ll receive an instant email receipt for tax purposes.
  4. Donation breakdown—On your Online Payments page, provide a solid breakdown of how the money is spent, so donors know where their donation is going. In addition, specify donation levels that are related to the actual benefits provided to constituents. For example, a homeless shelter might list the following donation levels:
    • $25 = 1 night of housing and food
    • $50 = 2 nights of housing and food
    • $100 = 4 nights of housing and food
  5. Leverage your donation form—The fundamental purpose of the donation page is to collect donors’ personal and payment information and the donation amount. But you can also leverage the opportunity to:
    • Gather additional donor information.
    • Obtain recurring donation commitments.
    • Recruit volunteers.
    • Remind donors of alternative giving methods, such as bequests and employer-matching gifts.
  6. Online event registration—Even donors who are reluctant to give online, enjoy the convenience of buying tickets via the Web for an upcoming fundraiser. Have your guests complete an online registration form and make the ticket-selling process easier for you and your event team. If you connect the form to the event guest database, you won’t have to reenter guest data from the event registration. (Greater Giving Event Software integrates with Greater Giving Online Payments to provide this convenience for users.)
  7. Table guests—Capture as many table guests’ names as possible before the event to speed guest check-in on event night.
  8. Track campaign responses—Create a vanity URL and eliminate all site navigation to the page on your website. This keeps the page hidden from the public and gives you the ability to accurately track the number of responses to the campaign, which will help you plan next year’s campaign and forecast results.

By leveraging your online presence with these tips, you can provide a streamlined experience for your donors and increase your revenue.

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