How to Prepare Guests for COVID Protocols at Your Event!

Covid Protocols at events

Let your guests know what to expect so they can come prepared—COVID Protocols at your event.

As a growing number of nonprofits move toward holding live events this year, health and safety precautions are a priority.

Some events ask for proof of vaccination for entry, a recent COVID negative test result, or provide on-site testing. Let your guests know ahead of time about any COVID Protocols, including mask mandates, limitations on guest counts, or other requirements for entry.

What Should Be On Your Event Website?

A page on your fundraising event website is an easy way to let guests know about any safety measurements or COVID Protocols for entry. Try to explain what their event experience might look like. Reference any remote bidding opportunities, and make sure to provide information about how to register and participate.

  • Be clear about exactly what they need to bring with them.  Include specific documentation and any masking requirements.
  • Take the opportunity to tell guests about any precautions your nonprofit plans to have in place at the event. Add things like hand sanitizer stations, social distancing, or limits on guest count.
  • Provide the event location or any protocols that are standard at your venue. Stating things like staff being masked at all times can add peace of mind.

Greater Giving clients with Online Payments can easily add a COVID Protocol page to their Greater Giving Project Website. Clearly state your COVID Protocols, and place a link to your overall event guidelines page.


You can easily collect custom information fields about your guests on your Greater Giving websites by Adding Custom Questions.

Collect Information in Advance of Your Event

To avoid long lines at registration, you can collect information like vaccination status through your event website prior to doors opening.

Make Your COVID Protocols Easy to Find

It should be simple for registered attendees and sponsor guests to find your COVID protocols and event safety details.

Put a big, clear link on your menu or event homepage to your health and safety guidelines.

Add your COVID information to your event registration and ticket sales page, or link to it at the top.

Also make sure to include your venue’s health information and entry requirements in any event-related emails, confirmation emails, or snail mailings.


Greater Giving Fundraising Software has a schedule message feature that allows you to schedule text or emails ahead of time to remind them of important details and requirements.

Ask Sponsors to Spread the Word About COVID Protocols

Any guests who didn’t register through your event website and ticket sales pages may not be aware of your COVID Protocols.

To make sure attendees who are guests of another donor get the information they need, call, text or email your sponsor contacts and explain any entry requirements. Provide the a link for your state or local health and safety information.

And always offer your guests a quick way to contact you with any additional questions or concerns! Include an email address or phone number where attendees can easily find it. Have the most commonly asked questions ready in an FAQ section easily available.


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