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Here at Greater Giving, we love CoSchedule:


Greater Giving adopted CoSchedule, a drag-and-drop editorial calendar for WordPress, in May 2014 for the launch of our brand new fundraising blog for nonprofits. CoSchedule schedules blog posts with your team and automatically sends messages to your social networks. Among other WordPress-friendly, blog editorial calendars, we chose CoSchedule because of its very intuitive interface, it’s marketing-forward functionality, and it’s inter-team messaging capabilities. We currently have one blog coordinator, one in-house editor and two copy-writers. With CoSchedule, we are able to assign posts, post internal comments, upload documents, and create tasks all within the platform; completely eliminating the back-and-forth of email.

It’s mostly amazing because it’s a one stop dashboard for social media posts, blog posts, and editorial calendar scheduling.

Furthermore, CoSchedule plugs directly into WordPress. When the blog coordinator creates a new post within the CoSchedule editorial calendar, it automatically creates the draft post in WordPress, and vice-a-versa. Within the calendar, the coordinator can create a new post as a “Draft”, “Pending Review”, or “Scheduled”. The coordinator can also designate the author and the category, which directly populates the post in WordPress. Once the coordinator has created a new post with a title and previous information mentioned, the coordinator am able to add it as a task to one of my copywriters, who then receives an email. If they have any questions or want to run a draft by me, they can do it directly in the messaging boxes. Once they upload the final copy, the blog coordinator then copy/pastes it into the WordPress draft. From beginning to end, we don’t ever have to leave WordPress.

Greater Giving CoSchedule Screen ShotThe look and feel of CoSchedule is clean, clear, and the colors are customizable. We especially like the welcome screen dashboard that highlights new messages, tasks assigned to you, and upcoming posts.

Lastly, we greatly utilize and appreciate the social media connection. For every post, we can choose which networks to post on – similar to Hootsuite – customize each message, include a link and/or image, and select the time we want it posted per platform. Furthermore, the social media post automatically grabs the blog post’s title and link, making the post incredibly easy to populate.


Save time and grow traffic by scheduling blog posts and social media on a unified drag and drop calendar.

CoSchedule is an all-in-one editorial calendar plugin for WordPress that brings true automated social media publishing to your blog. Features: Drag-And-Drop Editorial Calendar, Automated Social Publishing, Schedule Social Media While You Blog, Editorial Comments, Team Workflow Management, Notifications And Blog Management Center, Lightweight WordPress Plugin, All-In-One Publishing Solution, 2-Minute Installation, and Modern Design.

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