7 Virtual Event Execution Tips

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Now that virtual events are more commonplace, rethinking your event execution strategy is an important first step. We’ve compiled seven virtual event ideas that will help you get started!

Create a plan designed for virtual events

When planning several virtual events, your programs should follow a consistent pattern that can be easily duplicated. Design a program that is relevant, unique, and contains a strong hook to get people interested in attending. Keep it within sixty minutes to be mindful of a typical attention span, focus on one specific topic, and, of course, pay special attention to the technology needs.

Timing, timing, timing

Virtual events face several hurdles when it comes to drawing in large number of attendees, but there are ways to combat this issue. Consider the timing of your event and choose a date and time when people want to relax, enjoy some entertainment, are in a giving mood, and won’t be faced with a lot of interruptions.

Power up your promotional efforts

The internet is your foundation for promoting a virtual event. Find the platforms where your message will best be received and create a marketing plan that includes graphics, video, and messaging containing keywords that will put it at the top of search engines. Then, enlist your best influencers, sponsors, and similar nonprofits to get the word out through likes, comments, shares, interviews, etc.

Professional service providers

Relying heavily on virtual methods to reach your fundraising goals is a gamble that, perhaps, some of us weren’t prepared for, but here we are. Don’t let unforeseen obstacles derail your fundraising plan for the year. Turn to the experts who can support your venture with knowledge and experience. From tech gurus, to social media mavens, to event software that is tailored-made for virtual events, rely on the specialists who can provide you with the right foundation to be successful.

Encourage inclusive engagement

Getting your donors engaged is a challenge when you’re relying on a few minutes of screen time to get your message across. Take on that challenge with an authentic message, powerful speakers, and irresistible auction items. Keep the conversation lively in a chat box hosted by a dependable, friendly staff member who can engage effectively on your nonprofit’s behalf.

Find the right partners

Improve the effectiveness of your fundraising strategies by partnering with organizations whose mission supports your nonprofit’s goals. Bringing their supporters into your orbit can bring in more contributions and open the door to a whole new donor base interested in seeing your work succeed.

Track your results

Recording the results of your virtual fundraiser will provide valuable information that will tell you what worked and what didn’t. Did you choose sponsors who helped promote your event? Was your appeal effective? What was your largest demographic? These answers will lead you to create a better event the next time you take your fundraising online.

Take these seven virtual event ideas and add some of your own to ensure your next event covers all the bases and engages your audience in a new, yet still meaningful way. What tips would you share with other schools and nonprofits on finding success with online fundraising?

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  1. Very brief at the same time very compact with information! If you follow all of these tips, you’ll achieve high efficiency and minimal risk or even no risk at all! Kudos to you Ma’am Jill Boyer!

  2. Thank you for these tips, will definitely be handy. Because even though physical events are becoming normal again, there are still quite a few who wishes to have virtual events these days.


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