4 Things You Should Learn About Event Ticket Sales

4 Things You Should Learn About Event Ticket Sales

These strategies can help you increase Event Ticket Sales and make the registration process seamless for guests.

Swifties (AKA Taylor Swift fans) will tell you what the hype of ticket sales can do for your event. According to Ticketmaster, a record-breaking 2M tickets were sold in one day – driving up demand and prices. Ticket sales are the backbone of an event’s overall revenue. For Nonprofit Organizations these sales help offset important costs like venue rental, catering, and entertainment. Selling tickets fills up an event with guests who are willing to bid, donate, and participate—meaning more potential fundraising.

But every event’s admissions needs are different. These four tips to help guide your own unique admissions pricing structure, establish powerful selling points, and give potential guests  an easy, seamless ticket buying experience.

Sell Tickets with a Ticketing Service

Using a specialized ticketing platform for selling admissions to your event looks professional, saves you time, and can help speed up your data procedures. If you already use Greater Giving’s Online Payments , new registrations are automatically imported—with payments and attendee information—to your event database, no additional data entry needed.

With an online ticketing service, guests can buy their tickets at their own convenience. This means you can literally sell tickets in your sleep. And sponsors and table purchasers can even direct their own guests to a unique link to supply their contact information, so you have names and details of every guest before your doors open!

Pre-promotion of Ticket Sales with Early Bird Registration

“Early bird” registration typically means putting event tickets on sale early either at a reduced price, offering access to the “best seats” in the house, or containing additional benefits. Often, early ticket sales have a quantity limit or deadline to incentivize purchases. Early bird ticket sales are a great way to lock in guests early on, so you can get a better idea of how many attendees to expect overall.

Start promoting your event tickets as soon as you know what date you will be opening sales. You can do this by emailing past attendees, your most loyal supporters, or people you would really like to attend your event. Putting tickets up for sale early with lower prices, greater benefits, or limited quantity also generates urgency—and creates exclusivity. It incentivizes more guests to attend, which means more people at your event!

Create a Simple Admission Pricing Structure

However you choose to price your tickets, make sure it’s straightforward, easy to understand for guests, and clearly communicated on your marketing materials and online registration page.

Clearly outline what is included with each ticket (such as drinks, no drinks, or a limited number of drink tickets), and how many tickets each package contains (such as a single ticket, couple’s ticket, family ticket, or table of tickets).

Offering too many options or putting high priced tickets as the first option may deter people from purchasing.  You have to know your audience.

Use Tiered Pricing to Sell More Tickets

Tiered pricing is a great way to incentivize buyers to purchase tickets. Some examples of tiered pricing models include VIP tickets, Reserved Seating Tickets, General Admission Tickets, or discounted group tickets.

For example: You could offer a slight discount for a couple’s ticket (which includes two admissions) over a single ticket, or an even bigger discount for a table’s worth of tickets. It’s up to you!

The idea is that there is a pricing level for everyone to increase the opportunity to attend the event.

There’s no one-size-fits-all approach to Event Ticket Sales, but these strategies can help you maximize your ticket sales at the right time, and get people even more excited about your upcoming event!



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