casual donors and micro-donors Relationships

The Future of Fundraising Revenue Sources Part II: Small, Casual, and Micro-Donors

Nonprofits are refocusing their fundraising efforts on these two critical groups of donors. We discussed in a recent blog post how many nonprofits are switching their focus from traditional funding sources to more reliable and self-driven revenue streams, based on data obtained for The State of Nonprofit Fundraising 2022. Nonprofits want to know that the… Read More »

fundraising revenue sources

The Future of Fundraising Revenue Sources

Many nonprofits are shifting their focus away from less reliable fundraising revenue sources and toward this new fundraising strategy. For more than two years now, it’s been a tough environment in which to meet nonprofit fundraising goals. Even as some symptoms of the pandemic ebb, other economic conditions grow worse—rising gas prices, inflation, and cuts… Read More »

Maximizing Event ROI

Maximizing your event marketing ROI: 4 Fundamental Strategies

Fundamental Strategies to Maximize your Event Marketing ROI Hosting and marketing a successful event can require a significant investment of time and resources. As a result, your nonprofit’s financial health often depends on your ability to recoup that investment through a successful marketing strategy that brings in ticket sales and donations. This guide will look… Read More »

Engaging Golf Events

How to Host Engaging Golf Fundraising Events

Golf fundraising events are great for golf enthusiasts, but this great auction idea offers something for everyone at your event. Putter or Purse is a great little revenue booster for any golf fundraising event—it’s easy to add to your existing plans, and the two very different prize options means there’s something to get excited about… Read More »

Planning A Fundraising Event

Planning a Fundraising Event? You Need a Plan B.

There was no playbook for planning a fundraising event during a pandemic. Now two years in, nonprofits need to be prepared for anything. Once upon a time, much of the nonprofit industry leaned on annual in-person benefit events to meet budget requirements. Then the pandemic revealed some critical gaps in our standard fundraising strategies. Luckily,… Read More »

Earth Day tips to host an Eco Friendly Gala

6 Ways to Host An Eco-Friendly Gala Event

Celebrate Earth Day by making a few small—but important—alterations to host an eco-friendly event. If you’ve ever helped clean up after a big gala, you know just how much waste can come out of your average fundraiser. It’s no easy task to put on a major event, and often, environmentally-conscious practices aren’t always at the… Read More »