Client Stories

Abiqua Academy



Brittany Fobi
Director of Development & Enrollment


Sherilyn Pilgrim
Director, Finance & Operations

Abiqua Academy leveraged auction games that generated 10% of total fundraising at their Griffin Gala

“This year we used four different auction games during the event. We did the wall of wine, then we did wheel of fun, griffin glitter and the silver ticket. It adds so much and it gives something to do during the silent auction. As people are wandering and looking at the different packages, the auction games give instant gratification, that “I won something,” feeling.

Auction games really help. Even if it’s just $25, that adds up where you can get an extra $2,000 to $3,000 by doing a wall of wine simple game. It’s just having volunteers to help coordinate that. But it brings the event to life when you’re there.”

—Brittany Fobi

About Abiqua Academy

Abiqua offers a superior educational environment. Abiqua places a strong emphasis on experiential learning, where students are able to apply knowledge beyond the classroom. Abiqua’s strong academic program develops students’ critical thinking and interpersonal skills.

Abiqua Academy is the finest educational program in the Willamette Valley. Master educators are the key to Abiqua’s success. Our exemplary teachers set high expectations, support their students, and guide each student to reach his or her potential. Our teachers recognize that the educational process is much more than sharing content. It is about creating independent learners who develop the critical thinking skills to grow and thrive.