Auction 101

A Look at the Technological Aspect of Your Virtual Event

Part of our Virtual Fundraising Event and Gala series, view more articles here – Virtual Fundraising Events When it comes to virtual events there’s nothing more important to its success than the ability to effectively communicate with its attendees. If a technical glitch occurs it could cause your message to be garbled or missed altogether…. Read More »

The Hottest Items to Procure for Online Auctions

Part of our Virtual Fundraising Event and Gala series, view more articles here – Virtual Fundraising Events Online auctions have opened the door to an effective way for nonprofits to fundraise across virtual and real borders. With software tools that can both manage and process the auctions, auction item contributors and sponsors are fairly represented… Read More »

Information and Tips for #GivingTuesdayNow

A new international day of unity called #GivingTuesdayNow has been scheduled for May 5, 2020. This United Nations Foundation recognized event is meant to raise awareness of the unparalleled global humanitarian needs brought about by COVID-19. It is based on the annual fundraising event #GivingTuesday, an event held every year on the Tuesday that follows… Read More »

12 Best Practices for Procuring Auction Items

Procuring auction items that will draw the most interest at a fundraising auction takes a significant amount of time and energy, but the results can be substantial when you find ones that will raise the excitement level in your guests. When you put your preferred list together, we recommend you follow these best practices. 1…. Read More »

Making the Decision: Carry On, Reschedule or Go Online?

Part of our Virtual Fundraising Event and Gala series, view more articles here – Virtual Fundraising Events Your annual gala event is one of your most important fundraisers of the year. It’s what you, your staff and volunteers have been working on for months on end— a fundraiser that helps support the programs and good… Read More »

Recognizing Exchange Sponsors at Your Silent Auction

Part 2 in our discussion about “exchange sponsors”.  Acknowledging event sponsors should always be a part of your program, but what do you do when you are working with exchange sponsors who have partnered with your regular sponsors? An exchange sponsor’s unique role as a silent auction contributor makes them more visible than the regular… Read More »

Executing a Successful Fund-A-Need Campaign

If you are looking for a way to generate a large amount of revenue for a specific need, a Fund-A-Need (FAN) campaign is an excellent option. But how do you organize it successfully? Benefit auction strategist Mark Schroeder joined us for our recent webinar, 7 Essentials to Fund-a-Need Success with Auction Brio LLC, and offered… Read More »

Upping the Ante: How to Get New Items from Your Silent Auction Gift Donors

We love all our dependable silent auction donors. Those that have always been ready and willing to donate their time, products, or services whenever called upon for your nonprofit’s auction. Their contributions have been hotly bid on in the past but, if you are noticing they are losing your bidders’ attention, maybe it’s time to… Read More »

Consider the Guest Experience at your Annual Fundraiser

Each year, the vow to impress your guests at the annual fundraiser challenges event planners to look at new and inventive ways to meet their expectations and acquire more funding than ever before. We tend to concentrate our attention on tangible items to make the event more special—exciting prizes, unique venues, memorable food and drinks—but… Read More »