Client Stories

Loveland Living Planet Aquarium


The Loveland Living Planet Aquarium is a non-profit organization that inspires people to explore, discover, and learn about Earth’s diverse ecosystems. The organization provides living “classrooms” to immerse people in natural ecosystems, bridging the gaps between education, entertainment and conservation to help people understand and appreciate their connection to the global system of life. The Aquarium’s motto is, “Explore, Discover, Learn.”

At past events, the Aquarium used imprint machines to capture credit card information, which meant a staff member had to enter a lot of manual data to process the night’s transactions. But in their classy new venue, this wasn’t the image the Aquarium’s Controller, Chris O’Meara, wanted to present. The organization needed a secure credit card processing solution for the annual auction that would suit their new space.

The Aquarium’s new staff ran the whole event themselves, without hiring anyone from Greater Giving to help with the software or the mobile bidding portion.

“And it went so well,” said O’Meara. “The event was seamless. Check-in and check-out ran without hiccups. Guests greatly enjoyed bidding on their phones. Two women even stood side-by-side at the auction, bidding against each other on an item. Bidding wars added tons of fun to the evening, which became its own form of entertainment!”

Their favorite feature of the software? The ability to store everything event-related in one place, instead of in fragments on pieces of paper. The software ensured the evening flowed smoothly and it became their one-stop, all inclusive solution. The simple reporting and information flow made things much easier for the staff.

Of the whole evening? “Just perfect,” said O’Meara.