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Greater Giving Matthew Spellman

Expert Corner with Matthew Spellman, User Experience Designer

We sat down with Greater Giving’s Matthew Spellman, User Experience Designer (UX) to talk about how the company is designing out products to be more user-friendly for clients, as well as discuss tips Nonprofits should keep in mind when designing their campaigns and websites for their donors and supporters. What is a User Experience Designer?… Read More »

Leaderboard Setup

Easy Leaderboard Simple Setup

Easy Leaderboard Simple Setup To experience our #Leaderboard, copy/paste or type this into your browser:  Leaderboards are a huge value-add, included with Greater Giving Mobile Bidding. Question: What is the Greater Giving Leaderboard? Answer: It’s a link sent to you to display on a screen at your event. Question: How can it be displayed? Answer: On anything… Read More »

Nonprofit Social Media Wrap

Nonprofit Social Media Wrap: June 2014

Nonprofit Social Media Wrap – June 2014 This month in the nonprofit social media world, Mobile Bidding was again a hot topic. With the fall season looming, and spring events swinging back into the planning stages, non-profit organizations are attending Mobile Bidding seminars, researching success stories, and planning their own foray into this new technological… Read More »

Nonprofit Social Media Wrap

Social Media Wrap: May 2014

In this month’s Social Media Wrap,many of our top social media posts hit an audience nerve: bringing simple science to your live and silent auctions to make the most fundraising dollars from each auction package.     We had a guest post this month by Winspire, discussing how to get the most mileage out of… Read More »

Introducing the Greater Giving Blog

Introducing the Greater Giving Blog

Our Resource Library Brought to Life As we launched our Mobile Bidding solution earlier this year, we were reminded how important it is to stay on the cutting edge of technology and interconnectedness. Our current Resource Library is overflowing with tips to raise more funds, ideas for running successful non-profit events, and mountains of our… Read More »