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Facebook Donate Now Call-to-Action Button

Converting Facebook Visitors to Digital Donors

Social networks are a great way to share your mission, communicate with supporters, and connect with new digital donors. Whether you are sharing stories of the good work being done or posting images of those that benefit and volunteer—you are creating emotional connections with potential donors. Are you making the most of that opportunity? As… Read More »

Guest Post: How Companies Can Encourage Giving with Matching Gifts

Giving Tuesday is right around the corner, and many nonprofits are ramping up their #givingtuesday campaigns. While many people already know what Giving Tuesday is and have participated in the past, many individuals still do not. Companies can help change that by encouraging employee contributions during Giving Tuesday and by promoting their matching gift programs. Matching… Read More »

Bidding Assistants

Using Volunteers as Bidding Assistants

Adopting new technology always entails a transition phase. You can make this transition much easier for your donors by providing Bidding Assistants at your next event. These volunteers are very visible in a crowd and help your guests place bids, navigate their smart phones and answer any questions they might have. So how do you turn… Read More »

Mobile Bidding Mobile Payments

Digital Donations: Increase Your Revenue with Mobile Payments

Digital Donations: Increase Your Revenue with Mobile Payments While snail-mail remains the most effective tool for reaching your donor base, a rapidly growing slice of the donor pie avoids transactions that can’t be made online. To showcase this, online charitable giving rises a steady 13-14% every single year, reflecting a growing preference among donors of all stripes… Read More »

Mobile Bidding Assistant

BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) Mobile Bidding Benefit Auction

  The era of the pen-and-paper auction is over. Host a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) mobile bidding event! Imagine your next event setting with tables without paper bid sheets on them, no scattered pens—just beautiful auction items, arranged and displayed and numbered. Never trying to decipher handwriting, worrying over what might be a “4” or a… Read More »

How to Make Your Cause Irresistible to Millennials

Millennials use social media like they use air—it’s an integral part of their lives. But many of them are starting to get frustrated with how much time it takes up and the lack of meaningful conversations they find there. You have a worthwhile cause. You can help fill the gap. Millennials are innovators and collaborators…. Read More »

Golf Sponsorship

Focus on Golf Sponsorships

Your Golf Tournament: A Focus on Golf Sponsorships A key focus of any fundraising event is sponsorship and a Golf Tournament is no different. Organizations have a lot of opportunity to get creative with sponsor levels and benefits. There are countless unique ways to showcase a golf sponsor on tournament day, and best of all… Read More »

Reaching Diverse Donors: Engaging Women Donors

Reaching Diverse Donors: Engaging Women Donors This is the second in a series on reaching donors from all walks of life, to help you better engage your entire potential donor base. In future installments, we’ll talk about how to better appeal to other segments of donors. Today it’s all about the ladies. How Women Donors Give… Read More »

Day of Giving

Help Your Donors Realize Giving Goes Beyond One Day Giving Events

Extend Donor Giving Beyond One Day Giving Events Your organization never stops working to achieve its mission; there’s always another initiative to pursue or problem to solve. So why should your fundraising come from a single annual event, when your need is year-round? A regular influx of giving lends stability and alleviates reliance on a… Read More »

Amazing Auction Packages

15 Amazing Auction Packages

How do you rejuvenate tradition? Every year benefit auctions have live auction events and offer packages, and every year it feels harder and harder to get that package with a wow-effect. Many guests have seen it all, making it more challenging to come up with irresistible new ideas. Get started early when putting your procurement target… Read More »