Auction 101

Volunteer Roles

Key Volunteer Roles at Your Auction

To make your auction a success, you need a veritable army of volunteers. As with any endeavor, the clearer you are about the roles and expectations of your volunteers, the more successful your event will be. Below is a list of volunteer roles you’ll need to fill for a medium-sized event—about 58-64 volunteers. For larger… Read More »

Auction Chair

What to Do and Expect as a First Time Auction Chair

So this is your first time as auction chair this year. Congratulations! It’s a big job, but you’ve got resources to help you. First, though, here’s some food for thought. Yes, your auction needs to make money so you can keep your programs going. But once in a while, it’s important to take a step… Read More »

Benefit Auction Basics

Benefit Auction Planning Basics

Planning a Benefit Auction: The Basics As budgets shrink for schools, churches, and other non-profit organizations, more and more are adopting an annual benefit auction to fill the gap. An auction utilizes community connections and resources to generate revenue—and they’re a fun, community-building event, guaranteed to stir up enthusiasm and excitement for your cause. Are… Read More »

Heads or Tails

How to: Heads and Tails

How to: Heads and Tails Finding engaging ways to generate more revenue at your event (aka: giving donors every opportunity to give) is a key task. Don’t knock the traditional activities like Wall of Wine or Heads and Tails, just add your own flare. A Heads and Tails game isn’t your usual raffle; it’s a fun, novel… Read More »

How to Step Up Your Procurement Part I: Low Cost Items

Step Up Your Procurement with Quality Items Recently, here at the Greater Giving blog, we received a question from a reader. “Hi! We’re clients of Greater Giving and were just reading your article about ‘Best Practices for Mobile Bidding,’ [link] and we wanted to know more about these ‘quality items that guests will be willing… Read More »

Engage volunteers on social media

How to: Volunteer Retention for a Lifetime

Experience volunteer retention for a lifetime with these cutting-edge methods for 2015. Finding and recruiting a skilled volunteer is a pretty significant investment of time and effort. Once you do acquire that rockstar volunteer, keep them engaged and appreciated! A volunteer who believes in the cause and loves the work they do is a volunteer for… Read More »

How to run a silent auction

New Whitepaper: How Do I Run a Silent Auction

How to Run a Silent Auction Excerpt from the full whitepaper: RUNNING A SILENT AUCTION Whether you’re planning a small school auction or a black-tie gala, running a silent auction is hard work. There are a dozen questions you should ask yourself: will this be a stand-alone event or should I include a live auction? Dinner? Dancing?… Read More »

Auction Chair

5 Tips for First Time Auction Chairs

Congratulations! You just got elected Auction Chair. You’ve got a big job ahead of you, but we are here to help. Here are some tips for first-time Auction Chairs to help make the transition smoother. Shadow Your Predecessor Ideally the previous Auction Chair is still finishing out his or her term. If so, find a… Read More »

School Auctions & Fundraising

School Specific Auction Tips School auctions have unique challenges that require creative solutions: tight timelines, an all-volunteer workforce, and often an event team that changes personnel every year. With early planning, smart preparation, and the right tools, you can make your school auction a smashing success! Start Early The school year is already short. Give… Read More »

The Donor Follow-up

How to do the donor follow-up! A potential donor is worth far more than a single donation, and a lifetime donor is priceless. The donor follow-up, post event, is a key part of establishing and maintaining a long-term relationship; it lets them know you appreciate their generosity, value their participation, and keeps them engaged after… Read More »