Auction 101

Auction Item Infographic Thumbnail

What Everyone Should Know About Auction Items [INFOGRAPHIC]

There are many questions when it comes to soliciting and packaging auction items—what should we solicit, how many do we need, are there packages that perform better than others, where do I find quality items… We cover all these questions and more in the “What Everyone Should Know About Auction Items” infographic along with some… Read More »

Guest Post: Which Comes First – Venue or Auctioneer?

For the past several years the National Auctioneers Association (NAA) has put on the Benefit Auction Summit, where fundraising auctioneer professionals come together to talk through client challenges, share best practices, exchange ideas and brainstorm on dynamic new ways to help customers raise more money and achieve other non-financial goals. More than 130 colleagues attended… Read More »

Bid Card

Create the Best Bid Card for an Auction or Fund-A-Need

Do you want to raise more funds at your next event? Whether it’s a live auction or a special appeal, the more you can do to help your bidders bid effectively, the more successful your fundraising will be. A well-designed bid card can help make that happen. So how do you create an effective bid… Read More »

Wireless Network

Help! My Venue Doesn’t Provide Internet Access

An internet connection at your event may be a vital part of your success, whether you use it to check guests in or if guests are using it to place bids—however, just having an internet connection might not always be enough. Your venue’s internet connection might not always be adequate for your event needs, so… Read More »

Stack of Jeans

Help! My Auction Floor is a Mess!

Imagine walking into your favorite clothing store to buy a pair of jeans. You look up and down the wall with all the sizes and can’t find what you’re looking for because the sizes aren’t sorted in order. It’s up to you to dig through the piles of denim to find what you’re looking for,… Read More »

Auction Paddle Raise

How To Plan and Execute a Special Appeal

Silent and live auctions are powerful tools for raising money for your organization, and a great way to get and keep your constituents involved in your cause. You should also consider other tactics to use in addition to the auction to maximize their giving. Even if your event attendees don’t win the bid on any… Read More »

Procurement Party Packages

Host a Procurement Party for your Next Auction

This procurement party post was taken from a discussion I recently had with our great partner Ian Lauth with Winspire News while we were planning for our upcoming free webinar. What is a Procurement Party? When you boil it down, a procurement party is just a fun way to brainstorm auction item ideas for your fundraising… Read More »

Auction Hardware

How to Solicit Auction Hardware: Rent, Buy or Borrow

How to Solicit Auction Hardware for Your Next Event: Buy, Rent, or Borrow The right auction hardware at check-in is key for getting guests smoothly, happily, and quickly into the event—so they can start bidding. And while many nonprofits are adopting tech like Mobile Bidding to register guests and start the bidding before guests even… Read More »