Auction 101

Benefits of Event Planning Technology

Who Benefits From Making the Switch to Event Planning Technology You’ve done your research; you’ve gotten a few recommendations—now it’s time to make the decision. Should your non-profit invest in event planning technology? Accuracy and speed play a huge role in a producing a perfectly executed fundraising event. Employing a comprehensive event software to manage all… Read More »

Appeal Board Donor Recognition

Giving Guests the Recognition They Deserve

Recognizing guests at your fundraiser with a clear message of gratitude is part of every non-profit’s overall event strategy. Clear two-way communication between your volunteers and the auctioneer or emcee is the key to achieving your goal.   But how to do that when you’re in the middle of a busy fundraising event?   Adding… Read More »

Online Bidding

How to Introduce Online Bidding to Your Guests

Online bidding is a trend here to stay in nonprofit fundraising—for good reason! Organizations who adopt online bidding report steep jumps in the quality of guests’ experience, and in their overall fundraising. Some nonprofits see bidding become much more competitive, because they’re able to extend silent auctions into dinnertime, and people start bidding before the… Read More »

The 10 Don’ts of Event Night

This is the second in a series of posts about running a successful fundraising event night, written by event service professionals. Event service professionals help troubleshoot technology, advise on using event software, and ensure everything goes as smoothly as possible at auctions. I polled some event service professionals about what big mishaps they’ve seen at nonprofit events over… Read More »

Keep the Bidding Going with a 2nd Bidder

Keep the bidding going in your live and silent auction with Second Bidder Winner. Your silent auction has gotten off to a great start.You have starting bids on all your items, and you are ecstatic. But later in the evening, your enthusiasm starts to lull when you notice  the majority of your bid sheets only… Read More »

Restaurant Row – What To Do With Restaurant Gift Cards

Rather than take up valuable space in your silent auction, why not simplify the process and offer restaurant gift cards for immediate sale? Everyone likes to eat out, and restaurant gift cards are great revenue generators; however, sometimes you have so many it becomes a distraction from larger items. A great solution is to create… Read More »

Incentives To Light That First Bid Fire

Fundraisers have all been there—walking the auction tables, looking at bid sheets to see if new bids have been set and wondering why some sheets remain untouched. Why has no one bid on certain items? How do you create that buzz and get that fire started? It’s important to remember that people are procrastinators by… Read More »

Green Means Go For Your Silent Auction

Perhaps you’ve had the same silent auction approach year after year, and you feel it’s becoming stagnant. You’re looking for a way to do something differently. Consider the “bid on green line” approach. What’s different about this, and what do you need to implement it? This game requires you to preset your bid auction sheets…. Read More »