Creating Value for Major Donors

Many organizations create a specific group of admissions for sponsorships or VIP tickets, but what is incentivizing those donors to buy something at a higher price point? Here are some ideas that will help distinguish your VIP/Major Donors and encourage ticket purchasers to upgrade next year. Valet Parking Some event venues have limited parking. Include… Read More »

Client Success Story | Bailey House

Frustrated with the limitations of using spreadsheets to manage fundraising event details, Bailey House Event Manager April McKenzie started looking for a better solution. Bailey House provides housing and services to homeless people and families living with HIV and AIDS in New York City. The organization was experiencing all the challenges that go along with… Read More »

Starting a Giving Group in Your Community

Looking for Community Change? Try a Giving Group More than ever before, people are wanting to get involved in giving and helping. In their communities, in schools, in politics.   So often, philanthropy isn’t centered around one’s town or one’s community. While giving always feels great, sometimes we want to feed that change into our… Read More »

The 3 C’s of “Clickable” Subject Lines

Constructing the perfect email gets you one step closer to your non-profit’s goals, but only if the subject line is convincing enough to get donors to click on through to the content. Your hook needs to include consistency, clarity, and be compelling enough to catch the recipient’s attention and get them interested in the topic—all… Read More »

Auction Event Survival Kit

The Must Have Auction Event Day Survival Kit [INFOGRAPHIC]

This Auction Event Day Survival Kit was designed to help circumvent Murphy’s Law. With so many moving parts, fundraising events have a high probability of unforeseen situations happening during the most inopportune of times—disrupting the smooth flow of your big day or night. This auction event day survival kit and checklist will help make sure… Read More »

Creating Positivity within Your Organization

Is your organization feeling the vibe? Are you engaged, happy, and productive at work? A positive working environment and culture may be one of the top factors determining whether or not an organization will succeed in their mission. Positive organizations are more productive, healthier, and attractive as an employer. Harvard Business Review reported that not only… Read More »