Top 5 Organization Tips for Work (and life!)

When you work for a non-profit, staying organized is a valuable skill. With an ever changing landscape of priorities and a packed calendar, how can you stay on top of it all and give your all to your organization’s mission? Through the years, I’ve adapted a few tips from books, webinars and talking to productive… Read More »

Giving Tuesday | Global Day of Giving

Have you heard about #GivingTuesday™ (#GT) — the global day of giving? Celebrated on the Tuesday after Thanksgiving (in the U.S.), #GivingTuesday is a counterpoint to Black Friday and Cyber Monday. After a weekend of consumer spending, #GivingTuesday provides a moment to pause, be grateful, support causes you care about, join together with friends and… Read More »

Saved Searches for reporting

Save Time with Saved Searches

As Greater Giving’s Product Manager, I have the privilege of overseeing the exciting innovations that we place into our product lines. As someone who attends a number of non-profit events, I also get to see how those enhancements in-use firsthand. It’s a thrill to watch a supporter zip through check-in, and know that I had… Read More »

To Gift or Donate

Making a Difference: Changing Gift Giving to Donation Giving

There’s a growing trend among parents, engaged couples and folks from all walks of life, to replace traditional gift giving with gift donating. From birthdays to weddings to graduations and more, people are requesting that their friends and families join them in supporting a cause rather than giving gifts. Parents, in particular, are starting to… Read More »

Online Bidding

Online Bidding – An Ideal Melding of Online Auctions and Mobile Bidding

Online Bidding will connect more people to your cause—wherever they are! Greater Giving Online Bidding is an all-in-one, secure, online fundraising solution with the functionality to support both mobile bidding and online auctions at your events year-round—for one low annual fee. This innovative feature within Greater Giving Event Software will enable you to register guests… Read More »


Increase Revenues and Reduce Donor Attrition with Effective Stewardship

What does ‘good stewardship’ mean to your organization? For some nonprofits, stewardship simply means remembering to thank donors when they donate their time and/or money—immediately before the organization solicits donors for more time and/or money. This reactionary stewardship model defines stewardship as what an organization does for a donor after they’ve made a gift. In… Read More »

Thank you all

Express Gratitude Year-round to Build Support

Simply taking the time to communicate the words “thank you” can be very powerful. Giving thanks to everyone who supports your organization shouldn’t be saved for a specific time of year—it should take place year-round. Thanking your supporters should come from a place of sincerity—not just a checkbox on your list of things to do…. Read More »