Key Performance Indicators - KPI

Google Analytics for Nonprofits – Website Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

In our previous post, “Google Analytics for Nonprofits—Getting Started”, we talked about configuring your website for Google Analytics reporting along with some initial concepts of analyzing your new data. As you begin to navigate Google Analytics (GA) and see what it can do, you’ll find that there are upwards of 100 reports available—without adding any… Read More »

Online Bidding Screen View

Top 10 Tips for Online Bidding Events

Auctions using online bidding technology for mobile bidding events and/or online auctions typically generate more revenue—nonprofits have reported an increase of up to 30%. Providing guests with the ability to bid via mobile devices will open your auction up to many benefits that will help increase the amount you can raise at your event (or anywhere… Read More »


3 Steps to Timing Your Sponsor Ask

This post is the second in a series designed to open you up to a new way of viewing sponsors and their role within your nonprofit’s overall strategy. These posts are based on the “Sponsorship Strategy: Recruiting and Keeping Sponsor Partners” eBook from the Greater Giving Fundraising Excellence Series. Each new post focuses on a… Read More »

Give Procurement a Boost with Hot Items

One of the hardest things to do when you’re planning an auction is to procure those hot items you know your audience wants—items so unique they can’t be found anywhere else. If you’re lucky, you already have an established group of donors who, year after year, give you exactly what you’re looking for. Yet the… Read More »

Nonprofit Compliance

4 Things You Need to Know About Online Fundraising Compliance

Fundraising compliance is a complex topic. Forty-four states have laws concerning fundraising, and forty-one states require charities to register to solicit donations. There are straightforward rules for nonprofits soliciting funds through traditional methods such as phone calls, mailings, and grants. However, online fundraising is a little more tricky. The advent of social media, email, mobile… Read More »