Wireless Network

Help! My Venue Doesn’t Provide Internet Access

An internet connection at your event may be a vital part of your success, whether you use it to check guests in or if guests are using it to place bids—however, just having an internet connection might not always be enough. Your venue’s internet connection might not always be adequate for your event needs, so… Read More »

Event Network Connection

How to Avoid Event Connectivity Issues

If you use software for your event that requires an internet connection, a computer or tablet and access to the internet is all you really need—however, the quality of that internet connection can have a significant impact on your event. In order to access the internet, you will need to connect to a network, typically… Read More »


National Emoji Day

This post is the sixth in a series designed to teach the art and fundamentals of writing for nonprofits. These posts are based on the “Writing for Nonprofits” Guide from the Greater Giving Fundraising Excellence Series. Each new post focuses on an individual type of communication or relationship, and how best to tailor your writing to… Read More »


Procure Smarter for Online Auctions

If you live and breathe the management of fundraising events then you know there is one thing that sets your auction apart from the others—unique items and experiences which you can’t buy anywhere else. But did you know that the types of items which fly off the tables at a live event might not be… Read More »

Drive Donations on Social Media Networks

Driving Donations with Social Media

People know the world needs help and they wish they had a way to do something about it. Luckily, you have an answer for them. Make it easy for people to do some good in the world by engaging with them on social media. Connect them to your cause and to like-minded people. Provide them… Read More »