More Engagement & Higher Bids with a Better Registration Confirmation Email

Are you using your registration confirmation email to its full extent? A registration confirmation email lets guests know their event ticket purchase has been processed, and they’re all set to attend your event. (And yes, you should send confirmation emails for every ticket sold!) Whether you’re selling tickets manually, over the phone, or through your… Read More »

Auction Paddle Raise

How To Plan and Execute a Special Appeal

Silent and live auctions are powerful tools for raising money for your organization, and a great way to get and keep your constituents involved in your cause. You should also consider other tactics to use in addition to the auction to maximize their giving. Even if your event attendees don’t win the bid on any… Read More »


Grouping Auction Items for Higher Bids

What would you do with one hundred Barbie dolls that were donated to your upcoming benefit auction? These days procurement is getting more difficult, as individuals and businesses are cutting back on both monetary and auction item donations. One of the smartest ways to more fully leverage what you do procure to generate higher bidding… Read More »

Live Auction - Paddle or Mobile?

Fund-a-Need: Paddle or Mobile Phone?

Planning an event is no easy task, and when faced with choices of transitioning between the ‘old-school’ bid paddles or utilizing mobile technology to capture donor information for your Fund-a-Need campaign, it’s important to weigh the pros and cons between the different ways you can solicit donations during an event. Let’s delve into the best… Read More »

Postage Rate Decrease

Nonprofit Postage Rates will be Reduced

Good news! Sending out those paper mailings is about to get a bit cheaper. On Sunday, April 10, 2016, the U.S. Postal Service will be reducing postage rates, including first class and nonprofit postage rates. Normally, postage rates are capped by law at the rate of inflation. But under extraordinary or unusual circumstances, the Postal… Read More »

Nonprofit Event Catering

Event Food Catering & DIY- Feeding the Masses

You’re event is really coming together—you’ve got a great venue, top-notch entertainment and lots of people eager to attend. How are you going to feed them all— professional event food catering or DIY? The good news is, people love to eat. Whether it’s breakfast, dinner or afternoon high tea, delicious food is a powerful draw…. Read More »