Thank Donors

Ensure Year-round Support from New Donors

Do you struggle with keeping your donors engaged year-round? For most companies the end of the year is a slow period and a time for catching up; however for nonprofit organizations it’s a busy time for collecting year-end donations from new and existing donors. These donors give in a myriad of ways: online, by mail… Read More »

Engaging your board in fundraising

5 Simple Steps to Engaging Your Board

Do you want to engage your board members in more than just meetings? Your board members became involved with your organization because it’s a cause they’re passionate about. What a powerful thing! Someone with passion is someone who can inspire passion in others. Put your board members to good use by inspiring them to give,… Read More »

American Cancer Society | Greater Giving Thought Leadership Summit

Lindsey Pew, of the American Cancer Society, describes her fundraising challenges at this year’s Thought Leadership Summit. Lindsey is the Director of Distinguished Partners Market Strategy at the American Cancer Society and works closely with staff to build relationships with volunteers and donors. Greater Giving technology, particularly Go Time, has helped the American Cancer Society… Read More »

4 Ways to Thank Event Night Volunteers

Volunteers are the backbone of a nonprofit organization. They’re not employees, and they’re not getting a paycheck—they’re only here out of the goodness of their heart. Understandably, it takes time to woo, train, and initiate a new volunteer. So once you’ve done the legwork recruiting him or her, it’s more than worth it to keep them!… Read More »

Seton Foundation | Greater Giving Thought Leadership Summit

JoAnne Hendricks is the Special Events Project Manager at Seton Foundation. She works with event coordinators for several events in the Austin area. At this year’s Thought Leadership Summit, she shared her thoughts on strategies for fundraising success. Greater Giving’s mobile bidding technology has helped Seton Foundation streamline their check-out process. Now, even with a… Read More »

Step Up Sponsorships with Social Media

Are you finding it harder to procure event sponsors? Do you want to add something new to the mix? When it comes to offering sponsorship value, offering to display a logo in a catalog or on advertising just doesn’t cut it anymore. Nonprofits need to be more flexible and creative with sponsorship opportunities to keep up with… Read More »