Auction Hardware

How to Solicit Auction Hardware: Rent, Buy or Borrow

How to Solicit Auction Hardware for Your Next Event: Buy, Rent, or Borrow The right auction hardware at check-in is key for getting guests smoothly, happily, and quickly into the event—so they can start bidding. And while many nonprofits are adopting tech like Mobile Bidding to register guests and start the bidding before guests even… Read More »

Hijack Fundraising

Hijack Fundraising from Crowd-Funding

Take Back Fundraising The constant movement of the digital world toward social sharing has been, overall, a boon to the nonprofit sector. Online participation in fundraising is at an all-time high; nonprofits are seeing huge revenue potential in social media, support for mobile devices, and online, peer-to-peer fundraising. Successful fundraisers are looking to online social networks… Read More »

Future of Email

The Future of Email to 2025

The sky’s the limit when it comes to the future of email. We broke barriers and learned critical lessons during political campaigns of 2012—and then brought those best practices to mission-driven organizations across the country. Over the past year, as email volume has reached new heights with campaigns and organizations striving to hit ambitious fundraising goals,… Read More »

Donor Retention and Gratitude

Increase Donor Retention So They Keep Coming Back

Do Donor Retention Right There are ways to increase your fundraising effectiveness while saving time and money. We suggest focusing on donors who have already shown interest in your nonprofit, your current ambassadors are far more valuable than someone new – although new donors are always welcome. Here are some tactics for increasing ongoing donations and… Read More »

mobile bidding

Woodland Park Zoo Breaks Mobile Bidding Records

We sat down with Lorna Chin, Associate Director, Relationship Data Services and Cortney Bacon, Fundraising Events Supervisor and Jungle Party Manager, to discuss their 39th Annual Jungle Party. They used Greater Giving Mobile Bidding for the first time this year and their guests loved it! Woodland Park Zoo was founded in 1899 and works to… Read More »

Top School Auction Packages

Want to bring some kick to your next school auction? Because your audience consists of parents and family members, tailor a majority of your school auction packages to make them appealing to families. You’ll generate a lot of excitement for your event and boost your fundraising! Bucket List Adventures Who wouldn’t want a once-in-a-lifetime adventure the whole… Read More »

Mobile Bidding Mobile Payments

Digital Donations: Increase Your Revenue with Mobile Payments

Digital Donations: Increase Your Revenue with Mobile Payments While snail-mail remains the most effective tool for reaching your donor base, a rapidly growing slice of the donor pie avoids transactions that can’t be made online. To showcase this, online charitable giving rises a steady 13-14% every single year, reflecting a growing preference among donors of all stripes… Read More »

Common User Questions

Most Common User Questions—Answered!

Most Common User Questions From Greater Giving Clients—Answered! At Greater Giving, we offer free technical help to our users from day one. We love that we get to be your first line of support, so we can be a part of your success. To help you get off on the right foot, we sought out… Read More »