Volunteer Roles

Key Volunteer Roles at Your Auction

To make your auction a success, you need a veritable army of volunteers. As with any endeavor, the clearer you are about the roles and expectations of your volunteers, the more successful your event will be. Below is a list of volunteer roles you’ll need to fill for a medium-sized event—about 58-64 volunteers. For larger… Read More »

School Auction Sponsorships

With many PTA or School auction groups it’s common to put a large percent of focus on item procurement and event night logistics. Gathering the best possible items and creatively packaging them leaves a lasting impression on guests and helps keep winning bidders happy. However; this strategy of mainly targeting your auction can push the revenue section of… Read More »

Mobile Bidding Assistant

BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) Mobile Bidding Benefit Auction

  The era of the pen-and-paper auction is over. Host a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) mobile bidding event! Imagine your next event setting with tables without paper bid sheets on them, no scattered pens—just beautiful auction items, arranged and displayed and numbered. Never trying to decipher handwriting, worrying over what might be a “4” or a… Read More »

The Perfect Amount of Email Content

Write an email with the perfect amount of content.   People are on email overload; however, it is still arguably one of the most effective means of solicitation (right along with those handwritten letters). Understanding how much content to add into one email helps you to:   Produce results Maintain an effective email strategy Get your… Read More »

Beyonce Fundraising Tips

Fundraising Tips Inspired by Beyoncé

Fundraising Tips Inspired by Beyoncé Rock Your Signature Move.  Every non-profit organization has its strengths and weaknesses. Like Beyoncé’s signature dance moves inspire her audience, knowing your “signature move” is essential to great fundraising. What makes your organization stand out and attract supporters? What do you have that nobody else does? Maybe you’re an animal shelter… Read More »