Auctionpay terminal power

Auctionpay Terminal Power Requirements

Power Requirements For indoor events, the Auctionpay terminal can use a standard 3-prong wall outlet. Greater Giving also highly recommends using a power strip with a surge protector. For outdoor events using other forms of power such as a generator or backup power supply, plan on a minimum of 4 amps per terminal. Any extension cords (and/or power strips)… Read More »

auctionpay card reader

Auctionpay Card Reader Information

Auctionpay Card Reader Information How Does the Card Reader Work? Unlike the Auctionpay terminals, the Auctionpay card reader is most often used in conjunction with Greater Giving Online’s Go Time. If you’re using the reader and Go Time at your event, you’ll need the following equipment: One card reader per PC (ratio of 100 guests per reader)… Read More »

Golf Sponsorship

Focus on Golf Sponsorships

Your Golf Tournament: A Focus on Golf Sponsorships A key focus of any fundraising event is sponsorship and a Golf Tournament is no different. Organizations have a lot of opportunity to get creative with sponsor levels and benefits. There are countless unique ways to showcase a golf sponsor on tournament day, and best of all… Read More »

Fundraising Success

Excerpt From: How Do You Spell Fundraising Success?

Excerpt of Chapter 2 A HIGHER BID How to Transform Special Event Fundraising Success with Strategic Benefit Auctions Are fundraisers, charity galas, and benefit auctions right for you? In most cases, the answer is a resounding yes. Well-designed and executed strategically, these events can be a golden gateway to significant fundraising and long-term donor engagement…. Read More »

Market Matching Gifts

Guest Post: 5 Ways to Market Matching Gifts

Five Easy Ways to Market Matching Gifts If money is given to a nonprofit but no matching gift appeal is made, the nonprofit will most likely not receive the maximum possible donation. Matching gifts are for fundraising and it’s paramount to inform donors that their contributions can go twice as far with an assist from corporate giving. Marketing… Read More »

Helicopter Golf Ball Drop

Golf Fundraising Idea: Helicopter Ball Drop

How to do a Helicopter Ball Drop Having a helicopter drop hundreds of bouncing golf balls onto a putting green isn’t just entertaining—it’s a unique revenue generator at charity golf events! The Helicopter Ball Drop is something golf event attendees can get excited about, as they eagerly look to see if their ball lands in (or nearest to) the winning hole. How does it work? The… Read More »

Evaluating Event Success

Evaluating Event Success

How to Evaluate Event Success The event is over and guests have gone home. For the sake of your volunteers, donors, organization, and board, it’s time to evaluate your success and discuss opportunities for future event improvement. A solid process of evaluating event success ensures you’ll capture the important details your organization needs to improve its… Read More »