Keep Donors Happy

Top 5 Donor Experience Trends Webinar

Digitalizing fundraising events with technology on smartphones, tablets, and leaderboards is a trend that’s here to stay. Utilizing technology to increase revenue, while improving the donor experience at events, is more important than ever in today’s fundraising landscape. Join Allie Serious of Seattle Aquarium, and Greater Giving Client Service National Account Manager Sirenna Heckendorn, who… Read More »

Accept Credit Cards

Banishing Auction Check-out Problems: Accept Credit Cards

Banishing Auction Check-out Problems with Sherry Truhlar and Kim Bauman.     A snip-it from the recording: Nonprofits and payment acceptance Sherry:  Kim, describe a typical beginner’s auction checkout. Kim:  A typical first year group accepts checks and cash.  No credit cards. Sherry:  Seems easy.  Why is that a bad set-up? Kim:  The biggest issue is that… Read More »

matching gifts

Double Fundraising with Matching Gifts

Matching gifts is easy for donors and monumentally beneficial to your organization.  A matching gift is a donation made to a nonprofit by a matching donor (e.g., an employer) under the provision that an original donor (e.g., an employee) makes the gift first toward that organization (source). Matching gifts are a huge, untapped source of fundraising for many nonprofits—because they’re an… Read More »

Mobile Optimized Online Payments

Top 10 Spring 2015 Greater Giving Release Notes

Spring 2015 Greater Giving Release Notes Mobile, mobile, mobile. In 2015, today’s bidder and donor are more on the go than ever.  Early spring saw a major update to Greater Giving’s Online Payments platform. Your time and your organization’s resources are too valuable to waste on manual processes like taking registrations by phone, follow-up on donations,… Read More »

go time mobile bidding

How I Fundraise: Sunny Hills Services on Go Time

This quick 5 minute How I Fundraise video features Greater Giving Client Sunny Hills Services and their Development Coordinator Elizabeth Mathern, sharing her story of “How I Fundraise” using Go Time and Mobile Bidding. Sunny Hills Services, located in Marin County, CA has been supporting vulnerable youth and their families since 1895. Their fall fundraising… Read More »

Bid Assistant

Accessorize Mobile Bid Assistants to Stand Out

Created for mobile bidding events, Mobile ‘Bid Assistants’ are trained in your mobile bidding platform to provide guests with an easy point of contact at your event. These volunteers and/or staff will look around for puzzled faces and help guests who are new to mobile bidding or who need help placing bids. Marking bid assistants with easy-to-identify colors,… Read More »